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Whirlpool Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop

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Whirlpool glass cooktop range is nice.


I love the flat top range so much better than the old ranges with the aluminum catch pans. This range is so much easier to keep clean and after 5 years it still looks fantastic. The oven works like a charm and has always cooked food evenly. The auto clean works really good, always cleaning every bit of dirt in the oven. It takes a few hours and the stove does get very hot but it is well worth it. I am a little disappointed in the bottom draw. The wheels that help it open always comes loose and if you don't retighten the screws they will fall off. The draw holds plenty of dishes. I am very happy with this stove and would recommend it to anyone. The only bad thing is that the paint around the top where the controls are has started to peel.

North Grosvenordale, CT


I love Whirlpool smoothtop range.


Oh happy day!!! I was so excited when I got my Whirlpool smoothtop range. I had always wanted a smooth top and finally I got one!!!!! I had been cooking on an old stove with electric eyes. Food was always bubbling out down in the trays, the food burned to the tray.. you have to line with foil... it subsequently gets spills and burns up..its a vicious love my Whirlpool stove. It is very easy to clean with cleaner made for glasstop  stoves. If something burns a little to it, I just use a paint scraper with a razor in it to get it right off, then polish. It has a self cleaning oven as well. I love it, I dont' have to worry about food spilling down in any trays or under the trays anymore!!  I wished I had a Whirlpool many years before I actually got it, but it was definitely worth the wait. To anyone shopping for a new smoothtop stove, I recommend that you look at Whirlpool brand.

Westminster, SC


whirlpool electric glass cooktop stove hard to clean up.


i'm a new home owner as of september this year. my new home came with this nifty whirlpool electric glass top oven and range. i really hate cooking on this thing. for one when you cook on it and you have it turned to high to boil something and when it boils then you want to turn it down to low to just continue to cook it stays too hot for to long before it will actually adjust to the new temp setting so you have to move your pot off the heat for a bit until this thing calms down some. another thing i can't stand is if you get anything on this cook top while your cooking it literally bakes into the top and is almost impossible to get the stuff off. you can't wipe it up as your cooking because the top is really hot and it will burn anything it comes in contact with, like a wash towel will just burn. so you wait untill your done cooking to clean it up, well no good either. by the time the cook top finally has cooled down enough to clean it the stuff has been baking onto the glass top for a long time. you can scrub until the cows come home!!! this thing just doesn't want to come clean. you don't want to use steel wool or anything like that because it will scratch the cook top. any way you look at it this cook top starts to look nasty after awhile. things just get baked on there over and over until it becomes a permenant part of the cook top. i can't wait until i can get a new stove. it won't be one of these glass cook top types.

Parowan, UT


good cook top


The Whirlpool flat top cook top is excellent.  We went from and circa nineteen sixties pink coil type cook top to this and wow what a difference.  Our old one was quite a sight.  THis one is nice.  It looks really good.  The cook top is white, solid white not the speckled type, which is something to specifically mention when shopping because what the stores call white is actually black with white speckles.  You have to specifically ask for solid white - white.  The cook top heat quickly for an electric cook top.  The burner are easy to clean if you do it right.  We use barkeeper's friend brand cleaner which is specifically for glass cook tops.  Comet and other types will scratch the glass.  If you keep on top of cleaning it, it is easy to do.  Our kids often clean it.  It does not scratch very easily, however we do have two small scratches on ours.  We opted for the variable burners where you can chose large or small on the same burner - its a nice feature.

Tucson, AZ


nicelooking but a hassle...


This is a really nice looking flat top range. It was my first experience with Whirlpool and after having used it a couple times I was extremely disappointed that the temperature was off. Whirlpool customer service was very helpful and pointed me to a page in the manual which explained how to easily recalibrate the oven within 30 degrees. Sadly I had to take it down all 30 degrees to get the temperature right. I also was not aware of how much it has to be cleaned. Every night I use a special cleaning wipe and once a week I use the special cleaner, sponge and scraper. It is definitely more work than the old ranges I have been used to. If you've never had a glasstop range before be forewarned you will have to be careful to be gentle and never drop anything on it. It has some good features I do recommend including self cleaning, control lockout and timer. I really like the hot surface indicator light so I know when I can safely clean it.   

Mesa, AZ


Whirlpool Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop

3.6 5