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Whirlpool ED5THAXMS (25.4 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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Nice Refrigerator


This refrigerator came with our house when it was built in 2004. That makes it nine years old this month. During that time, we've had only a few problems with it that were easily fixed by a technician. Problem 1 was probably the fault of the refrigerator door being swung open too far one time, breaking/loosening one of the hinges so that the door didn't close properly and the food inside wasn't being chilled to the proper temperature. Problem 2 happened when there was a big buildup of ice around the area where the freezer air was to enter the refrigerator, again not allowing the food to chill properly. The technician said he takes care of that problem every single day in every fridge because of the humidity and environment we live in down here in South Florida. Problem 3, the only one that I consider a manufacturing problem occurred around five years into the ownership. A small plastic piece on the apparatus that makes the ice cracked and broke. When that broke, we got no more ice automatically made. I think they could have made that part a little better considering the environment it lives in. Space is good for my family of 4. Looks nice in stainless steel. The sides are still magnetic. I'd recommend it for sure.

Hollywood, FL


Whirlpool ED5THAXMS (25.4 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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