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Front Load Washers
Whirlpool Duet High-Efficiency Front Load Steam Washer

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I like it


This is honestly a great replacement for my dryer that would always open while we were drying clothes. -.- I love this. 1 Star off though because whenever I'm taking stuff out, the door starts to fall shut. But it's so easy to use! Literally, just throw your clothes in, and shut the door, and pick your settings, then press start. It takes me like less than 5 minutes just to get a load in. I use the 75 minute setting. When I take the clothes out, they're so warm, I swear I could sleep on the clothes that come out if I was allowed too. :P And this product didn't have such a bad price on it either. It was reasonable enough for the efficiency you're getting from it. Another plus about this thing is the light in the back of the dryer. It's very handy when I am in a crazy rush in the morning and just need to grab a shirt, pair of jeans, or a pair of socks. It's surprisingly easy to find my things so quickly now! Oh & one more thing, these dryers are pretty big. They can handle a large amount of clothing at one time, which is great. I have 4 sisters and a mom in my house, and we basically need to do like 5 loads of laundry every week! And we're all girls so we need to wash a ton of clothes. :P I'm just so glad my old dryer stopped working, because now I have this brand new one and I love it so much! It's the best new addition to our family. (:



Sounds like a good idea..


We bought this pair to replace a functional but old pair when we moved into a new home. BIG mistake. Almost every bit of clothing we own now looks dingy and old. I sort all the loads VERY carefully -- knowing that no matter when water temperature I use, this machine just seems to make everything bleed. This stinks. Even if I wash a red and white striped shirt by itself in cold water, the white stripes come out pinkish. At first, I was blaming the husband, thinking he had used warm or hot water on colors. Nope. Every load is like this. Whites. Another bust. Dingy and gray. I have never in my life needed to use bleach with every load of whites but in this machine... if I wanted WHITE whites, I would need to do just that. And, that's terrible for the fabrics. Now, to add insult to injury, this machine is now throw codes and not finishing the cycle the majority of the time. So, we end up re-starting more than half of the loads. Certainly not saving any water or electricity here. In short, I hate this machine. Worst money we ever spent. Hate it. Do yourself a favor -- pick something else!!! Energy Efficiency If we didn't have to re-wash 75% of the time, it would be efficient. Cleaning Time The time on the display never accurately reflects the time left in the cycle. Ease of Use Re-running laundry. Clearing error codes. Socks in the cowl. Detergent and fabric softener drying the in dispenser. Ugh. Design Socks ALWAYS end up in the cowl in the front of the machine. Really? No better engineering could be used here??? Durability I just wish it would completely give out so I would *have* to buy something else.





I saw this washing machine in a friends place. was a bit skeptical of its performance in the beginning. Used it to wash whites - and guess what - they almost look like new whites. I launder most of my stuff at the laundry next door doesn't even get close to the quality I received from this washer.. I highly recommend this washer for anyone looking to wash whites in a pristine manner.

Brooklyn, NY


This washing machine is okay but has some issues.


The Whirlpool Duet front loading washing machine is okay but I have run into several issues with it. First of all, it gets an odor. I am not sure if all HE washing machines have this problem or not as this is the only one that I have owned. Sometimes the odor even transfers onto my laundry. Another problem that I have discovered is that it doesn't always seem to remove odors/get laundry clean. For example, my daughter occasionally wets the bed. I have found that her pajamas sometimes still smell like urine after coming out of the washing machine and dryer. The third problem that I have found with this machine is that sometimes clothing, such as socks, get trapped inside the drum, under the plastic lining by the front door. I noticed a horrible mildew odor and somehow discovered several pairs of socks under the plastic lining. I am not sure how they got trapped in there. This machine works okay, but is definitely far from top of the line! Energy Efficiency This machine uses less water than the non-HE machines. Cleaning Time I think the cleaning time is about average. Performance I have run into problems with clothing still having odors, such as urine from little kids, when they come out of the machine. Ease of Use This is very user-friendly. Design The design is okay. I have had problems with clothing, such as socks, getting trapped under the plastic lining by the front door. Durability This washing machine seems to be fairly durable.

Saint George, UT


Whirlpool Duet High-Efficiency Front Load Steam Washer

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