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Front Load Washers
Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer

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Whirlpool lives up to it's reputation


We have owned our Whirlpool duet for 6 years and have never needed to have it serviced for any reason. We installed it the day we brought home our first child, so it was put to immediate use washing a LOT of baby clothes. It's gentle cycle did a wonderful job of preserving those delicate fabrics. We love the rack that comes with the dryer for drying without tumbling. We have had issues with it leaking water into the drum while sitting idle, but we've been able to solve this using online information on our own.

Spokane, WA


"just OK"


I've had this washing machine for about 2 years now. It certainly gets clothes clean even when there is a lot of stuff in there. It doesn't seem to drain very well unless the traps are cleaned frequently, and often my 50 minute cycle countdown gets readjusted a couple times and winds up more like 70-80 minutes. It's great that it has a sanitize cycle but this one REALLY takes a long time. One hour and fifty minutes?!? WOW! I save everything up and only use that cycle about once a month. I can't imagine using it every day or two for cloth diapers or something like that. I like that all of the soaps and such use a single slide out drawer, but just don't fill it up and wander off to answer the phone. The soap will drain out into the next compartment pretty quickly and I, for one, can pretty easily forget if I've already added it or not. I do really, really like the add-a-garment feature and make use of that one pretty often.

Fenton, MO


Whirlpool makes a great washer!


I love the ease of using my washer!  It helps so much while doing the laundry.  I really like the choices of settings.  I really like the hand washables setting as that saves me a lot of time since I do not have to wash hardly anything by hand anymore.  I love the large capacity.  I can wash a lot less often now since  I can wash such a huge load all at once.  I think it is very nice that the machine weighs the load and uses an amount of water depending on that.  I like to know that I am doing my part, in a lot of small ways, to help keep the envioriment healthy by not using as much water, energy, and detergent.  Plus it saves me money to use less water and energy and detergent!  I would recommend this washer to anyone.  I will always buy this type of washer in the future. I got the dryer too and the set is well worth the price even though it is rather expensive.  I splurged and got the bases for each and I am glad I did.  They are a perfect height and the drawer in the base comes in very handy.

Penrose, NC


This Whirlpool is AWESOME


I was in need of a new washer and did not know which brand to buy. I was debating about GE or Whirlpool. I finally chose the Whirlpool because it has great reviews, and the price is right. I am very happy with the purchase. It is a very nice model. The look is slick, and it's easy to use. There are many features and settings but easy to understand. You can choose to wash the laundry at the quick, normal, or deep wash setting. The temperature of the water is preset depending on the wash setting but you could change it if you want to. It has a sensor inside the washer so it knows if there are clothes in there and how much water it needs. I even test it with just 3 small towels, and it really only uses enough water to wash it and not more so it saves a lot of water. What I like about it the most is the spinning cycle. It spins so fast that all the clothes are almost completely dry so it saves the time on using the dryer. Finally, it is not as quiet as some of the newer models that GE offers, but the noise is tolerable. Energy Efficiency I wash at least 2 loads a week, but my electric bill went down compare to the old Non-energy efficient one i had Cleaning Time It does take about 2 hrs to do 1 load Durability Had it for about a year, so far so good, keeping my finger cross that it will last many more years

Pompano Beach, FL


Most stylist, awesome and convenient washer I got !!!


It was the most toughest dicision of my life as I was going against my husband to buy it. My husband did not like the front load dishwasher and wnted to buy the upper load dishwasher. But I somehow manged to buy it and later after using the washer couple of times we realized that our decision was right. This is the best washer I have ever seen. It is so incredibly easy to use and has never given us any problems. It uses very less water than a standard top-loader. very very less. It doesn't take up any more space in our laundry room than a top-loader would have. It can hold very extra large loads in one cycle. I can put bed sheet, bed skirt, comforter and pillows all together in one load. I was just amzed that how much load it can handle.  It also has different types of cycles in it. You can the one you want to. My husband is now happy and trust my decisions now. Its worth to try!!!!

King Of Prussia, PA




Do not waste your money on this washer. The laundry comes out almost as dirty as it went in. Less water = dirty clothes. In addition to not getting our clothes clean, it's putting extra wear and tear on them. Since using this washer, our clothes are looking worse than ever. We accept the bad decision and know we'll take a huge loss trying to re-sell this. I don't know if I can even honestly push this onto somebody else knowing how poor this washer is. I would give this washer a BIG ZERO for stars! Energy Efficiency If you have to run the same load multiple times, it uses just as much energy as our old washer. Cleaning Time It runs a long time with very little water, causing damage to our clothes. Performance Did not clean clothes! Design I don't care how nice it looks if it doesn't clean the laundry! Durability Machine is already starting to smell after 6 weeks.

Inver Grove Heights, MN


Definately NOT as impressive as I thought it would be


My husband and I bought this washer with matching dryer expecting to have machines that would last us for years to come. Thankfully we bought the extended warranty for both products because they have definately not been the high quality items we thought we were purchasing!!! In the first year we had machine fixed twice and the following year dryer needed repair. Our two year extended warranty has since expired and now the handle on the washing machine is very loose and I have fears of it coming off in my hand one day when I open the door. I can definately say that I have not been happy with our purchase and if I had it to do all over again I would have just purchased the GOOD OLE STANDBY like the ones my parents and grandparents used that lasted easily for 20+ years without fail. Maybe that is part of the problem with today's appliances- they are meant to be disposable!!!!!

Pennellville, NY


duet a piece of crap DO NOT BUY!


do not buy! take it from my mistakes. DO NOT BUY! DO NOT BUY! DO NOT BUY! DO NOT BUY! (in my opinion) Energy Efficiency who cares how efficient it is when its broke most of the time. Rinse cycle stopped. tech came over and showed me the stupid filter thing under the bottom panel that eats kids socks. the rubber ring seal leaked and smelled like death after three month's use. Large plastic ring disintegrated and ruined lots of clothes. Worst product I ever bought. DO NOT BUY FROM WHIRLPOOL! Cleaning Time incredibly long time to clean clothes.PLUS A CRAPPY JOB! so loud on spin cycle, you can't hear TV two rooms, and two closed doors away. Performance twists jeans/ shirts/ even socks, when it's not sucking them into the hard to reach filter thingy. Design Stupid rubber ring of death, smells horrible after two or three month's. Extraordinaire poor design.Can't switch door opening, hard to get clothes in and out. Durability machine has been fixed three times in four years. It has never worked properly. Extremely loud, expensive and not worth halve the money I paid for it. Matching dryer is now making squeaking noise.What a piece of crap. If these were a car it would be the biggest re-call in history. I bought a washer and dryer for 600.00 and am switching them out tomorrow. Anyone can have the whirlpools for scrap..

Ann Arbor, MI


It's the best washer


Duet Front Load Washer doesn't take up any more space in our laundry room than a top-loader would have; and it lets us actually put things on top of it if needed and still be functional. Hey, we'll take shelf space where we can get it (as needed). It's pretty quiet and faster than our old top-loader... the clothes come out pretty dry, too; which saves on energy and time from having to put them in the dryer. I would point out that the inner rubber seal can accumulate water and mold if you don't clean it properly (run a cycle with no clothing--just water and about a cup of bleach approximately once a month). Be sure to read the instructions... can't be too angry about things if you don't bother learning how to actually use them. It's got a variety of settings (delicate, normal, heavy-duty, along with some more specific ones) and is relatively smart and intuitive. It measures the amount of clothing inside and disperses water accordingly. One other recommendation would be to be sure you properly level it while installing... otherwise it's going to shake your entire apartment when it hits it's highest spin cycle.

Atwater, OH


Awesome Washer


The Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer WFW9450W is a good front load washer. Some of the advantages are its large capacity, efficiency, and more. It is very simple to use, and your clothes seem cleaner each time. Additionally, it saves money by its efficiency in both time and energy. It gets bigger loads too, because it is huge inside, and uses the less detergent. Some of the cons, though, are that you have to be very careful with the cleaning because it can mold if not cared for properly. It can also be loud, so I couldn't use it at night, or my neighbors would complain. Futhermore, if you care for it properly, in the later times when you use it, you can get dirt on clothes. Overall, this machine is ok, but I would say that you might want a better machine, especially if you want a machine that would last longer.

San Diego, CA


Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer

4.0 60