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Whirlpool Duet 7.6 cu. ft. Steam Electric Dryer

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Whirlpool 7.6 cu ft with touch option


I have owned my Whirlpool dryer for 2 years now and I love it. I actually bought the set. This dryer has a sanitize option!!! The sanitize option is great if you have kids, it'll def kill any germs on those stuffed animals. This dryer also has a steam option. The hose for the steam is also connected to my washing machine hose. I personally use the steam option when I need to get wrinkles out of my clothes. This has been the best dryer I have ever owned. It always gets my clothes dry in no time. Of course it has the basic options like a towel option, and numerous adjustments for heat, type of clothing, timed dry, and a few more. You have got to see the size of this dryer. Do you wash your comforters? Do you have to go to the laundry mat because your comforters won't fit in your dryer? Not with this dryer. It fits my entire bedding set in the dryer and I don't have any wet spots when I take my sheets and blanket out of the dryer. This dryer is well worth the money you'll spend on it. I can honestly say I haven't regretted buying this dryer. And I have recommended it to all of my family and friends. Plus the touch buttons make the dryer look modern and up to date.



Always some problem with my Whirlpool duet steam dryer wed9270x


I purchased the Whirlpool duet steam dryer wed9270x about 6 months ago. I have been slightly disappointed with this dryer. If I forget to clean the lent catcher out after every load the dry times start to increase drastically. I have had to pull the dryer out and clean duct and inside the dryer several times to get small amounts of lent out and then the drying times go back to normal. I had one episode where I had a shirt in there on the regular cycle and the steam sprayer had malfunctioned, it was steady spraying, the shirt was soaking wet, there was water in the dryer and the dryer went for an hour before I noticed. We made several more attempts to dry on different settings and we were getting water spraying in all of them. Eventually the water stopped spraying but now it won't spray at all not even in the steam setting. I like all the settings this dryer has and it is very quiet if it would only work correctly.

Youngstown, FL


Whirlpool Duet 7.6 cu. ft. Steam Electric Dryer

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