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Whirlpool Duet 6.7 cu. ft. Electric Dryer

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quick drying time


I can say i am pretty pleased with my dryer. Out of all the dryers I have had experiences with this dries my clothes and blankets in the shortest amount of time. Which is great for your electric. The clothes are dry in less than 40 minutes. I do have some complaints about washing larger items. smaller items like clothes and even thicker items like towels dry so much faster I couldn't be happier. But if you are going to wash larger items like comforters or hooded sweatshirts it isn't the best. Upon pulling these items out oft he machine there will be damp areas. I am not sure why this happens most of the item will be dry but there will be a few areas where you can feel and darker wet areas. So if you was sweatshirts make sure you are drying it in a smaller load and comforters you may have to let air dry after you have pulled it out. For people like me who are short and have smaller arms these dryers are larger so make sure you have room in your laundry rooms to get freely in the dryer. My laundry room is a decent size but the way I have other items in there i do not have a direct or straight on approach to the dryer. Since the dryer is larger capacity and i am short reaching a tiny sock in the back of the dryer is a lot of work. I do like my dryer but there are a few down sides like with the comforters. I would recommend the dryer though/

Portland, OR




The whirlpool duet front load electric dryer is a great dryer that I have a set with my other whirlpool washer. I like the doors how they open on the sides instead of having to open the top of the machine to put the clothes in. It is very effective in the cleaning process and I love that it is also very quiet when washing my clothes. IT has a very high rating from reviews and this is one reason that i ended up looking into it. The pair is really great because they complement eachother very well. It also has many settings if you have delicate, heavy wash and these vary in times. I also like how it tells you how long it will be done so you can know when to come back. It beeps when its done and this is how I know to come and get them! It is very durable and great on performance however I noticed I cant fit as much into the machine like big comforters and what not in there. But it is also very easy to use and a great over all dryer.

Warren, OH


Great for Price


Has alot of settings, and can be stacked on top of duet washer, fits in a VERY SMALL space especially when stacked Load Capacity handles a large load Performance has worked very well Ease of Use buttons and settings clearly marked Durability says lasts 10-12 years Design has energy settings

Florence, OR


The Whirlpool GEW9250 Rocks!


This dryer is an amazing little machine.  It can dry mounds and mounds of clothes in just 34 minute cycle.  Has tons of nice little features like the drying rack for shoes.  I have had it for a couple of years now and can tell ya this one is a little work horse and you will get your money's worth out of it.  Comes highly recommended.as I would buy it again.

Wilmington, DE


Love this Whirlpool....it is not my mothers washing machine.


This Whirlpool is not your mothers washing machine...it is much more....I cannot believe the ease of this machine and all it does....my clothes come out so much cleaner & nicer than with my old Kenmore.....I love it love it love it.....I feel it is a bit pricey & feel they do not have to charge so much for this machine I feel they charge more because of it's looks more so than what it does.

Science Hill, KY


Whirlpool Duet 6.7 cu. ft. Electric Dryer

4.2 5