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Whirlpool DU960PW 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

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9 years strong


This dishwasher came built in to our home when we purchased it. We have lived here for 9 years and it still goes strong and we sometimes run it several times a day. The dishes come out clean unless you over fill it too full and then it may struggle a little bit to get every little thing clean. The silverware is usually the hardest thing to get clean. The only complaint I have is that some of the prongs on the bottom drawer have come off. They will bend over time and eventually break off. But my dishes still come out clean so I am still happy with it. It isn't very quiet but what I like is that it has a 4 hour delay start so I can hit that button and let it wash dishes while I am asleep so I don't have to deal with the noise. You can also adjust the top drawer to fit in different sized dishes. Overall I really like my dishwasher. I hope it lasts another 9 years plus some. Noise Level It is a little bit loud but you can hit the delay button and it will start 4 hours later so if the noise bothers you, just wait until you go to bed and hit the delay button so you won't have to hear it. Cleaning Time The longest wait is when the dishes are drying. Loading Flexibility The top drawer adjusts and the silverware tray snaps in and out so you can carry it over to the silverware drawer to unload. Performance It cleans real good. Durability I have used this dishwasher several times a day for 9 years. It has never failed me.

Empire, AL


Nice Dishwasher Great Price


I love this dishwasher. It holds tons of dishes and silverware. It runs quietly and lives up to its name. My only complaint is the end pieces have come off the rack and sometimes rusts the dishes. Noise Level This washer certainly lives up to it's quiet partner name. I can run it and go to bed and barely hear it. Cleaning Time I run the full cycle, longest run most of the time because I cram it full of dishes. It cleans in a reasonable amount of time. Loading Flexibility I fill this washer FULL. It holds many sizes of items on top and bottom racks from small cups to big bowls. Performance I rarely have dishes that come out unclean. My only complaint would be the little rack spindles have lost their tops and every now and then I find a rust spot on my dishes. Also, the soap cup release got clogged up with soap residue and failed to open. Had a repairman clean it out and it works again. Design I like the pad buttons on the front for easy clean up. A simple wipe and done. Durability It seems to hold up well over time. Only minor cosmetic type repairs needed and it still runs and cleans like new.

Pikeville, TN


Whirlpool DU960PW 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

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