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Top Load Washers
Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load Washer

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It Works Just Fine


I use this product to wash large loads at once, mostly clothes (non-delicates) sheets, towels, and comforters. I love the fact you can place a lot of laundry inside the machine so the end of the week laundry gets done quickly. Although, if you need to wash a small load there are settings that allow you to wash fewer clothes. I also like that the washer conserves water despite washing large amounts of laundry, which saves quite a bit on your water utility​ bill.

Richmond, VA


Among the HE choices top loaders are best


I rate this machine good. These he machines need to speed up the wash time and still need some fine tuning to be rated very good. Energy Efficiency Don't really know how energy efficient it really is. Cleaning Time Does take longer, but loads are larger. Has a quick wash selection, but not really that much quicker. Performance Tried a Bosch front loader for about a month before this machine and top load design much better. Front loaders are too heavy and hard to balance. They sound like a helicopter is stuck in your house and vibration unbearable. This top loader rarely gets out of balance and has smooth spin cycle. I'll let the europeans keep their front loaders. I have read complaints about clothes being wrinkled which is true, but even worse with front loaders. High spin cycle to get clothes dryer can twist them up pretty tight. That is one of the drawbacks to energy efficiency, but depending on fabric the no iron usually turn out ok after dryer cycle. Ease of Use Much easier to load clothes into top loader. This one has large capacity and clothes don't fall out like with front loaders. Design Like the design with no agitator in middle though occasionally large sheets will tangle if you mix with wrong clothes. Spin cycle is pretty smooth, but you need to run the clean cycle every so often as mildew smell will develop. The clean cycle does work and you are good for a while. Leaving the lid open after washing helps a little for moisture to evaporate. Durability Have owned for 3 years with no problems so far.





I have had the Cabrio washing machine and dryer for less than a year.  I absolutely loved everything about it at first.  I could wash large loads and everything came clean.  (Very wrinkled, but clean)  However, after only having the machine for a couple of months, I had a strange noise coming from the machine and water leaking out all over the floor.  The cause was a hole in the pump caused from 2 pennies that mistakenly went through the laundry.  After replacing the pump, I tried to be very careful to check everyone's pockets.  However, as anyone who does a lot of laundry knows. The inevitable happened again. 3 dimes happened to go through the wash.  However, rather than landing at the bottom of the machine as what one would expect to happen, the dimes went down the drain of the machine and into the pump again. Which of course resulted in putting a hole in the pump.  Causing yet another leak in the machine and the need to replace the pump again.  And now as I write this review I am waiting once again for yet another pump to be ruined, as I can hear that another coin or two has happened to go down the drain yet again.  This is very frustrating, as I recently replaced a washing machine that was 20 years old .  I have never had any problems like this before.  If something happened to be left in a pocket, it simply went through the wash, and was retrieved at a later time at the bottom of the machine.  How can a brand new, high tech washing machine be ruined, simply by allowing 5 coins to go through the wash.  I have contacted customer service to express my concerns.  Only to be told that this is all caused by my carelessness as a consumer.  I should be more careful.  Which I agree, I should check pockets more thoroughly, but really, for the price one pays for a newer machine, I would expect that it is designed to withstand 5 coins mistakenly left in a pocket and going through the laundry. When I suggested that this may be a design flaw, I was quite rudely told that the fault is mine for allowing this to happen.  I would love to talk to someone from whirlpool about this issue, however, customer service clearly indicated to me there wasn't anything that could be done.  I needed to to be more careful and there wasn't anything that they could do for me.  So, I am left with a washing machine that is so delecate, I am forced to spend time checking and rechecking pockets out of fear a coin may go through the wash and ruin the machine. IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING! I do not recommend anyone buy this machine.  It is poorly designed and not practical for the busy mom! Please recall this machine!

Glenfield, NY


Horrible machine, purchased and returned 2 days.


Horrible machine, knots and twists your clothes into a tangled mess. What a disappointment when my husband purchased this, returned in only 2 days. Also called Whirlpool and they told me to wash only half the recommended load size! Serious problems with this machine.

Kensington, OH


Washes King down comforters and delicate Pillows in one machine


I bought this Whirlpool WTW6700TW, which is the updated model of the 6600 because it now has the 4.6 cft capacity, after having just bought a Whirlpool Duet that broke after just 3 weeks.  I had read so many reviews, both negative and positive and wanted to come back and give my two cents worth myself and help someone else because it's a lot of money and a big decision since you are probably going to have this for many many years.  Of course at the time I wasn't happy, but now I'm glad the Duet broke (would not turn on) since I ended up getting this one instead.  For one thing, this one lets you use the cold tap water out of the faucet, the Duet only lets you use cold water that is actually heated up first if it's too cold.  I want to use the cold water on some of my colors and I don't have a problem with the water dissolving since I use liquid soap.  But the biggest thing is it's a lot bigger than the 4.0 Duet, this is 4.6.  Plus it cleans my King size down comforters so much better.  I end up washing them alot because of pets, who no matter how I try to cover and protect them always seem to make a mess on my beds.  It doesn't have an agitator like the old traditional top loaders, but it still somewhat agitates the clothes and I have put a colored cloth inside to see if it actually agitates it and sure enough it disappears and reappears over and over in the water, which the front loader just plop the clothes into the water as it spins.  The comforters come out much cleaner with this one than the Duet.  And another thing I did was put delicate bed pillows that got mess on them also into it (which is something you could never do in a traditional top load) and I set it on delicate cycle which includes the low spin speed, and it safely cleaned those pillows, even the one shaped like a pineapple, ha!  About it twisting clothes, I've never thought that any of my clothes were horribly twisted, and some are twisted when I use the high spin, but still nothing more than I ever had twisted in my old conventional top loader.  If you have something delicate, or maybe something you don't want stretched or spun hard, just put it on the lower spin cycle.  About it coming off balance, the only time I have ever had it go off balance is when I was washing those King size down comforters.  They are the really heavy full down comforters and they tend to sometimes get spun more on one side than the other and it will come off balance, but it is totally understandable to me, and I just adjust the comforter evenly again and that's it.  It never goes off balance with anything else (had it 3 months now).  Oh, another thing I like about this one is that you have the soak cycle, so that if you need to soak something really filthy or stained you can, and it soaks and agitates just slightly to really clean it, and I couldn't with the Duet.  I was also skeptical about using so little water compared to what I was used to and I would pause the wash and open the door to feel if the clothes were really getting wet, and sure enough they are, so I guess it's saving me money and again the clothes really do come out a lot cleaner than anything I've ever used before.  Oh, and also be sure and get this model that has the glass top, it is so much nicer being able to peek in on your clothes and it looks nice and stays clean really easy, never have to do anything to it.  Okay, another thing I forgot is to be sure and make sure you have room for this because the top door opens really wide and tall.  I just barely had room for this, and I can see some people having a problem with it hitting their cabinets above, so be sure and measure before you buy.

Houston, TX


The Whirlpool Cabrio is and awesome cleaning machine!


When my other washer went out I purchased the Whirlpool Cabro.  I id alot of research on top loaders and front loaders and fianlly decided on this model.  I am glad I did.  This machine cleans clothes wonderfully.  I like that it has several different settings so that I can customize he cycles based on size, materials etc.  I opted for the glass top but you can get the standard top like most machines.  It is self leveling so no more jumping around when the load is unbalanced.  It also has a clean washer feature.  Once a month you run bleach or a special cleaner theough the machine and it cleans the machine.  This cleaning prevents mold and mildew from building up in places you may not see but you will smell on your clothing.  It is easy to operate and the manual is very informative.  I no longer have to take comforters or blankets to a lundry mat aas the tu size accomodates these items.  This is indeed a good quality washer.

Oswego, KS


Run away as far and fast as you can!


When our washer finally kicked the bucket a little over a year ago the one thing that I told my husband our new washer had to be was super capacity.  When the salesman showed us the Cabrio and I saw the 4.6 cu capacity my mouth was watering.  Too bad I didn't know that I would soon have a serious case of drymouth.  We didn't even have the washer 3 months when the drain pump went out.  Luckily it was covered under warranty.  There are serious issues with this machine.  I just had to be without a washer again for 10 days while waiting for the repairman again.  This was the second time in a year.  Again there was a problem with the drain pump, a wire had come loose from a plug.  Now I have been told that if you use the wrong amount of laundry detergent it can cause an issue with the sensors hence causing the drain pump to not work again!  The only saving grace is that we purchase an addition 5 year extended warranty with this machine when we bought it.  After that runs out, I don't know how we will be able to afford to keep it.  I am VERY disatisfied with the product especially from a reputable company like Whirlpool.  The entire line of Cabrio washers need to be recalled immediately.

Live Oak, FL


Whirlpool Cabrio Top Load Washer

2.9 7