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Whirlpool Built-in Dishwasher DU1345XTVB

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Outstanding service from a solid performer


Great performer serves our family well. Has served us well without any mechanical problems. The unsung hero of our household! Noise Level We never have any problem with the noise level and will run it when we go to bed and it never wakes us up. It's wonderful to wake up to clean dishes. Cleaning Time It would be nice if the cleaning time were shorter, but it's good enough for us! Loading Flexibility I like how the bottom drawer "tines" can fold down to accomodate larger items. Performance Rarely, when we don't load it correctly, food remains on dishes. Otherwise, we've not had any problems with streaking or food remaining. Design Sharp and matches the design outlook of our kitchen. Durability Running strong without a single mechanical problem.

Ft Mitchell, KY


works very well


this does a very good job rarely is there any thing left on the dishes Noise Level the dishwasher is not as loud as others Cleaning Time I feel that the dishwasher takes longer but if it's doing a better job I don't complain Loading Flexibility You can run a half load or you can fill it full and it does a good job Performance this dishwasher performs very well Design the design is simple and easy to understand There isn't alot of buttons that you have to try and decide what is best for your load of dishes. Durability The machine is durable you can almost over fill it and it does a outstanding job cleaning. The plates sparkle and the glassware doesn't have any spots.

Streamwood, IL


Whirlpool Built-in Dishwasher DU1345XTVB

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