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Whirlpool Built-in Dishwasher DU1030XTXB

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Love it except the silverware basket


I love my dishwasher with the notable exception of the silverware basket. It the basket functioned better I would have definitely rated it a 5. If you have a small family and you won't be cramming the silverware basket full it will be fine. If you have a larger family (we are a family of 5) and have a lot of dishes you might need to wash after or pre-rinse. My dishes come out very clean unless a sprayer is blocked. I can stack very easily and my kids can even put their own dishes in. There are plenty of options for what type of washing you want to do. I cook A LOT so it is nice to have the pots and pans option. There is no Sani-rinse option and I wish I had that available. Again the biggest downfall is the silverware basket. It is long and narrow and can go in the bottom rack or attach to the door to save space. Neither one seems to work better so we leave it on the door. So if you don't need to cram your dishwasher (and probably shouldn't) it would work perfect. I should also note we have had this dishwasher for four years and have never had a service call or problem.

Mount Laurel, NJ


Gives a superior performance concidering the price range.


When purchasing this dishwasher I was looking for a dishwasher that fit my budget which wasn't very much money at the time. The function keys are very easy to understand and use. It washes dishes , cooking pans , pots , silverware and most importantly glasses and coffee mugs very well. It is pretty roomy inside with 2 levels of racks for dish placement and a rectangular basket on the bottom rack for silverware . All the bells and whistles are far as looks are the as far as the back lighting on the buttons and the design of the machine it's self.I am very satisfied with this product. Noise Level The noise level of this machine is moderate.You barely notice it is running depending on which point of it's cycle it is on at what ever time. Cleaning Time This machine cleans great no matter what time it is set for .I have experimented as far as the timing settings and amount of dishes just to see the performance. It seems to do great no matter what. Loading Flexibility Although the loading capacity is not as large as I want it to be, it is still great considering the price I payed for the machine. Performance This machines performance has impressed me very highly. No matter if the dishes are pre rinsed or have food that has been stuck on for days ...the performance is outstanding. Design I love the design of this machine both inside and outside.It was designed very well as far as functionality and also cosmetically. Durability This dishwasher has proven to be very durable. The racks inside still move in and out as good ans smoothly as the day that it was bought. The outside still looks great even among the grand children's playing around it and bumping into it with toys .It's outer shell does not seem to dent or mark easily.



Whirlpool Built-in Dishwasher DU1030XTXB

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