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Whirlpool Accubake Freestanding Electric Range

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It is pretty good....


I bought mine about nine years ago and it still looks pretty good. I have had quite a few boil overs on the cook top though. And that is really hard to clean and keep clean. You even have to purchase a "special" cleanser just for the cook top. The self-cleaning oven works great, but it creates a horrible odor for many hours. I recommend the auto clean during the winter months and to start it once you go to bed. After a few cleans, it will create a stain by the oven vent which I still to this day cannot remove. I recommend cleaning it once a year or when something bad happens and you got a big ol mess in there! It is a good stove and cook top overall. But, the next time I am in the market for one, I will just have to pass on this, and go old school. The gas ranges are much better when it comes to instant heat or NO heat. I like the oven because the heat alternates from top to bottom and I thought that was pretty cool. I basically put everything on the middle rack.



Great Oven!


We were in the market for a new oven about 3 years ago. My husband wanted me to find one that was easy to clean and lower priced. This is what I found and I sure like it. The inside is easy to clean since it is roomy and all the grates are easily removed. The glass top is very easy to clean since there are virtually no crevices for food to hide in. There are slight crevices around the perimeter of the glass cooktop that will need to be cleaned but if you clean it each day it should stay relatively clean. I have found that this oven is very good about temperature for the most part. Although some baked recipes seem to need a few extra minutes. The temperature itself seems very accurate though. If a recipe is followed it is not burnt nor underdone. I am really happy with my Whirlpool Accubake and I hope it lasts for many years.

Sedalia, MO


OK not great


i've had his electric range for about 8 months. i'm not crazy about it, it came with the unit i bought. I actually prefer the ceramic cook top for electric ranges, but really prefer gas ranges. Anyways, working with what I've got i find that the oven does a pretty good job, the temp must be accurate because when following recipies, everything is finished within the bake time suggested by the recipie. What I don't like, and am still having trouble getting used to is that when you pre-heat the oven or turn on the broiler, you HAVE TO PRESS START! Why??? If I turn the oven on, doesn't that mean I want to START??? If you don't press start, it looks like the oven is turned on because the temperature light is on and indicates the temp you want. There's been many times I've put something immediately in the broiler, go back 3 minutes later looking for a great steak, only to find it's raw because I didn't press START! Hate that feature. I suppose it's a safety feature for the absent minded or large children who turn the oven on by accident when you are not looking. The burners are a little frustrating if you pull them out to clean the tray, they are difficult to put back in. I definitely would not get this range due to the START issue.

New Town, AA


The Whirlpool Electric Range Does Everything You Need!


The Whirlpool 30" Black Freestanding Electric Range was installed in our new home when we moved in. It was part of a promotional deal the homebuilder was doing where we received our range, microwave, and dish washer for free with a new build. I would have selected this range even if it wouldn't have been included in the home we built because it is so easy to use and does everything I need. I have had this electric range now for 4 years and have not had one single problem with it. I really like the flat burners on top because they are very easy to clean and heat evenly. I also love the oven because it cooks evenly and even has a time delay feature so you can program something to cook and then shut off. This is a great appliance!

Denton, TX


Great range!


Ussually when I purchase appliances I do a through research online to look up the various models, prices, and reviews..But being that my husband and I do not own a truck..we had to choose a store that would deliver and set-up our appliances. So..we just went with the cheapest model that they had available for purchase..I was happy that it was a Whirlpool being that their appliances are generally a good quality and that the company is well-known and reputable. This stove is pretty standard..but that's what we wanted and it does the job just fine. The only thing that is annoying is the fact that it is a glass top and I've never owned/dealt with a glass top stove before..So I'm still getting used to learning how to clean it properly.

Decatur, IL


Glass top range...easy clean-up!!


The glass-top makes for easy clean-up, after years of dealing with individual burners. No more replacing burner pans because you've spilled into them and made a mess..and just can't scrub it clean anymore. No more placing burner covers over them to hide that mess!! It has plenty of cooktop space, two small and two large burners; though I would like it better if the small ones were at the front. Need to be careful with young children around with this one; there is a red light to warn that the stove is still hot somewhere, but it stays hot to the touch for a while before it completely cools down. The oven is pretty large, and is self-cleaning; one flip of the switch and a little time, and it is nice and clean again..most ovens have this feature, and it is wonderful. There is also a large drawer at the bottom that I use to put many of my baking pans in. It is well worth the money we spent.

Lufkin, TX


Whirlpool Accubake Freestanding Electric Range

4.3 6