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Whirlpool 7.6 cu. ft. Gas Dryer

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Great Dryer


Love this dryer, so much better than my old one! Load Capacity This dryer is huge compared to my old one. I could easily fit a larger comforter or blankets in with ease. My first load I did was towels, and I was amazed because they were done after one cycle! Performance Works great! My old dryer needed two cycles to get large loads dry, this dryer had everything dry after once cycle. Ease of Use has a lot of nice cycle options, but isn't overly complicated like some of the front load dryers I have seen. Durability Have not had very long, but have been very pleased with so far. Design My only problem with this dryer, is the door swings out and hits into the washer, but his is more a problem with the postions of the appliances in our house, not the dryer itself. Overall good design, has a timed cycle so you know how much longer the load has which is great.

Pittsburgh, PA


Super Large Dryer!!


A dryer is a dryer for the most part, but this one has a super large tub and gets everything dry. I am happy that a load will dry in the same about of time that a load takes to wash so it keeps me on schedule with laundry during the day. Load Capacity Super large!!

Andover, MN


Awesome Whirlpool Cabrio Drayer


I decided when I was looking at getting a washer and dryer I just had to get something big, well I found it in this, the biggest possible size I could go. I like it that is it is Energy Efficient, and that it is American made. Its nice when checking the lint vent because when I open up the dryer door it is right there in front, with it not being on top I don't have to worry if I pull it out that the lint will fall back in, or a sock or something small fall down into the lint vent. With this dryer it goes perfectly with the washer, its just a little bigger, and my husband had to take the door facing off, but if I would of had to tare my door apart I would of got it in there. Almost every single time my clothes are completely dry when I open up the door, sometimes depending on the material I may have to turn the dryer on again, like jeans or thicker sheets, but Its nice the dryer has different setting, and if you only want to run it for a specific time then you can set it for what time you want to. I also like that the dryer has an alarm on it, so I know exactly when the load is finished, and when I run the washer and dryer together at the same time I can expect then to finish close together. I really like my dryer and I would recommend it to anyone.

Warsaw, IN


Whirlpool 7.6 cu. ft. Gas Dryer

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