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Whirlpool 7.5 cu. ft. Front Load Electric Dryer

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Workhorse that gets very hot


Can't give it 10 stars because of an annoying design flaw and how hot this dryer gets. But even with it's flaws, it really gets the job done, faster than any dryer I've ever owned. I can get nearly any load done in 35 minutes or less. I'd recommend this dryer and the matching washer. Load Capacity Although I always break up my loads, it will hold an entire set of sheets and other towels. It's very large inside but the door is very small making it difficult to get things in and out. Performance It works very fast (too hot) but there are more than enough settings to make sure everything you have dries right. No matter what setting, I need to check my clothes and pull them out before the cycle is over. Even the bulkiest load gets done on the "Normal" setting which runs 35 minutes. The "delicate" setting runs 20 minutes and that's more than enough. There is a time dry and I use that quite a bit as 15 minutes does most small loads. . Ease of Use Other than the door problem, the functions are easy to understand and it really makes it simple. There's a "check lint screen" and a cute chime. The Wrinkle Guard really does work. Durability I've had this dryer quite a while and never had it breakdown. I do 7-10 loads a week. It has a "'check lint screen" reminder which is helpful. Design Watch out for the doors. The front door is very small. There's no way to change the doors, so be sure your plumbing is right before you buy. With my set both doors hit each other.

Wimauma, FL




This dryer is substantially better than the matching washing machine, however I still don't think it's all that great. I wish I hadn't been swayed by how nice the set looks and went with a traditional, older style washer and dryer. I just don't feel like this dries the clothing well enough, especially when you consider what it cost. Load Capacity The dryer appears to hold a lot of clothing however if you actually fill it up, it doesn't dry the clothing in the time it's set for. It does alright on smaller loads. Performance This dryer performs just alright. I just do not think it's all that great. My old dryer worked much better. Ease of Use The controls are simple to use. They're basically self explanatory. All setting can be changed very easily. Durability So far, so good. I kind of wish it would conk out so I could justify getting a new one. Design It looks quite beautiful, especially next to the matching washing machine. Now, if they only worked as well as they look.

Southfield, MI


Love the Whirlpool


I love my Whirlpool dryer. It is much larger than my previous dryer, as well as my previous washer. I bought this with the matching washer and it was money well spent. Load Capacity The load capacity is large. It can hold all of my comforters, which allows me to was them frequently to get rid of allergens. Performance This dryer performs as well as I expected. There are several settings that address all of my drying needs. I prefer to use the timed drying setting most of the time. It tends to leave socks and thicker items slightly damp if I use the mixed fabric setting. Ease of Use As easy as you would expect. Select your setting and hit start. Durability Has been a great product so far. It always performs to my expectations and is does not seem like it will need to be replaced anytime soon. Design I bought the storage areas under my washer and dryer so I would not have a mess on the top and I love them. It allows me to store my products neatly underneath. The outer design is attractive and gives the washer and dryer a sleek look.

Beaver, PA


Works well


I really like the fact that the Whirlpool Front Load Electric Dryer does such a great job of getting large loads of laundry clean. You can set this dryer for different temperature setting as well as different amounts of time. I like that you can tailor this to exactly the type of drying you are trying to get for your laundry. This dryer seems to be pretty efficient, but I can't be sure of that since I don't really look too closely at my electric bill to compare it from month to month. The laundry dries pretty quickly in this dryer, so I don't have to be constantly waiting to put new wet clothing into the dryer. I really don't have any complaints about this dryer. My clothing has never shrunk when I put it in this dryer, and I even put in clothing that is not really supposed to be put in the dryer. Load Capacity You can fit large loads into this dryer. Design The front load design is nice, and it looks very sleek and upscale.



Whirlpool 7.5 cu. ft. Front Load Electric Dryer

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