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Whirlpool 46742 Front Load Washer

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Great Washer!


Love this washer! It's design is excellent, and the job gets done! The features on it allow multiple combinations of washing. I have used it to wash cloth diapers and have had no issues. It has lasted my family well so far and we have 6 people! Gets the clothing clean, and no problems so far! The clothes smell great. As anyone who has ever experienced front loading washers, you want to leave the door open to air out when not in use so you don't get mold build up. Other than that I have no complaints. It wasn't a bad price and well worth it! Energy Efficiency I am not sure of the energy rating, but we haven't noticed any increases in our energy bill. Cleaning Time The cleaning time is average and expected. Performance Never had a problem with it, and it gets the clothes clean! Ease of Use My oldest son can use it! Design Modern design and function, love the features! Wish it was a little larger, but that could just be me being picky. Durability So far we haven't had any problems! It's moved from house to house 2 times.



very good


I bought this washer it is very good holds a lot of laundry and does a great job, it uses High efficency laundry detergent so that means you use less detergent so you save money. And with the front loader easier I think for my back instead of keeping bending you just put the clothes in , use your detergent and your done.

Rumford, RI


Whirlpool 46742 Front Load Washer

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