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Whirlpool 4.8 cu. ft. Electric Range


Whirlpool 30" Freestanding Stainless Look Electric Smoothtop Range \ 4 Radiant Elements \ 4.8 cu. ft. Self-Cleaning Oven \ Custom Broil \ Storage Drawer (SKU: WFE510S0AD)

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Great Self Cleaner


This oven is great. I love that it has two self-cleaning features. It has the steam clean, which can easily be done in 20 minutes and it doesn't heat the oven up to 500 degrees or whatever the regular self-cleaning temperature goes up to. All you have to do is all a little bit of water to the oven and set it to steam clean, and then boom, twenty minutes later you have a fairly clean oven. I also like the warming burner in the middle of the oven. This has come in very handy when not all of the dinner is done and you can just keep "warm" your pot and not have to continue cooking it. I'd have to say though that my favorite feature is the glass cooktop. It's SUPER easy to clean and there aren't any burners that I have to clean under, like a gas stove (however my husband says he prefers to cook with gas, but that just isn't possible with our house). It's a great oven and I love it!

Pocatello, ID


Nice range, nothing special


This is a nice range, easy to operate, and seems to be accurate as far as temperature stability and correctness. It has cooked evenly for me, although I am not a heavy user (of the interior). The cooktop is very nice (smooth) and i have learned that it is vital that the top be cleaned thoroughly after each use, or you will have to clean difficult burned on areas, some of which may not be clean-able. I have also found that caution must be used, and attention closely paid, to hot surfaces, as (to me anyway) it is not always clear that the surface is still hot after the pot or pan has been removed...I have burned myself, and my hubby has done the same. Design I think that it should be made VERY obvious that the surfaces are still hot until they are cool to the touch. It seems to be a safety issue...but I don't know how they missed it...it is glaringly obvious...the very first time you burn yourself! lol

Ft Mitchell, KY


Whirlpool 4.8 cu. ft. Electric Range

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