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Whirlpool : 4.4 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer - White

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This washer is tops on capacity, ease of use, and efficiency!


I love my new washer! There is so much room in the drum that I can cut my laundry down by almost half. I also love the quick wash cycle now that our daughter is working. She only has 2 white work shirts and is washing a small load of whites so often and they are not soiled much. She can wash a load in 26 minutes! Energy Efficiency Electric bills seems lower than usual, but I can't say for sure that its the new appliances. Cleaning Time I love how it adjusts the cleaning time based on the load and how dirty it is. I washed a blanket from my parents house that had been stored in a closet for years. It smelled badly of smoke. I wondered what was wrong since it washed that blanket for and hour and a half. Found the manual and saw that it sensed the level of dirt. Came clean too! Performance Very pleased. It took the dingy look out of the kids hand towels. It runs very quietly even when it is spinning on hight. Ease of Use Simple Design Looks nice Durability No complaints!



Whirlpool : 4.4 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer - White

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