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Whirlpool 22 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator


Whirlpool GX2FHDXVY 22 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator with 4 Adjustable SpillProof Shelves, Humidity-Controlled Crispers and Factory Installed IceMaker: Monochromatic Stainless Steel

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some good, some not so good


Overall a decent fridge/freezer. Only real issues were it would freeze food/liquids if kept close to the rear of the fridge, and the fact that the freezer builds up ice in the bottom which melts occasionally and runs down onto the floor. Noise Level Noise wise, it was fairly quiet, I couldn't really tell if it was running (it was though) Interior Organization The shelves were a little tight, freezer didn't have much room. The doors had wonderful space. Temperature Control Kept food right were I wanted them kept, other than the occasional frozen drink or food if kept to the rear of the fridge section. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean. Had no issues really due to the fact that the selves come out. Hardest part was chipping the ice out of the bottom of the freezer section. Durability I didn't have any major durability issues. Very well made, the only thing I had that got messed up was one of the boots on top of one of the hinges kept coming off. Also the handle to the freezer kept sliding off. Design Overall it wasn't bad. Mine felt a little smaller then I would have liked however it works. She shelving was a little close and didn't leave much room.



Whirlpool 22 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator

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