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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
Whirlpool 21.9 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator GB2FHDXWS

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Perfect fit for my kitchen


I love the stainless steel exterior of this refrigerator. It was very easy to change to direction the door needed to swing open and switch the side the handle needed to be on. I purchased this product in February and I haven't had any trouble with the performance Noise Level Runs quietly. Very pleased with its performance Interior Organization Its very easy to arrange and organize the drawers and shelves inside the refrigerator to accommodate all the items you need Temperature Control I have it set on the factory setting and find my refrigertor items are cold enough and my freezer items a frozen enough also Ease of Cleaning I have the stainless steel exteriors. It cleans nicely with a quality stainless steel cleaner. Durability Seems to be a very durable product. I have had zero issues with anything breaking or failing to operate as it is suppose to. Design The design was just perfect for my kitchen. I have never had a bottom drawer freezer, but I have been quite satisfied with the storage capacity in the freezer unit. Plenty of room in the top refrigerator compartment for my household of 3 also.



Whirlpool fridge


Our previous refrigerator died on us last summer so we were under the gun to pick out a new one pronto! We wanted one similar in size and with freezer on the bottom, like the old one. It was no easy task! Nearly all the new fridges have french doors and we just want one door. The french doors seem to have problems closing and our space is near a counter where we cant have doors opening in both directions. This fridge was really our only choice in our price range. It works fantastic! Its quiet and cold and very roomy in fridge. And it comes in three color choices! Everyone kept trying to sell us stainless steel - yuck! The only thing I dont really care for is the drawer freezer. Our old fridge had a door for the freezer and it seems like we could fit so much more food in it. The basket part of the drawer prevents you from using the whole space of the freezer and its hard to clean under it (where everything falls). But as rare as it was to find a fridge with a single fridge door, it was even rarer to find one without a drawer freezer. Interior Organization Fridge part great, freezer not so good. Temperature Control Very cold! Ease of Cleaning Fridge awesome, freezer harder Durability Only had less than a year so we shall see ;)

Fresno, CA


Whirlpool 21.9 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator GB2FHDXWS

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