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Whirlpool 1100 Watt 1.8 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

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Problems with door


When my husband and I bought our first home, the kitchen came with a nice set of matching white Whirlpool appliances. This was the microwave that was installed over the range. It's a nice size and has a removable rack and turntable. I generally used it without the rack because a lot of my bowls were too tall to fit when the rack was inside. This microwave has all the settings I need in a microwave. My favorite part of the settings would be the "One-Touch" settings that allow you to press numbers 1-5 on the keypad to cook for that many minutes without having to press the full time or even the start button. It's fairly easy to keep clean. It cooks very evenly and fast. A few months ago, we started to experience a problem with the door of this microwave. Many times when we would shut the door, the light inside the microwave would not turn off like it should. We would then have to open the door and close it again, sometimes multiple times, to get the light off. It eventually started happening more often and I actually broke the handle on the door. Unfortunately, the handle itself cannot simply be replaced. We didn't want to have to replace the whole door, so we bought a new microwave instead.



Whirlpool Microwave is cool!


This is a great microwave! It heats up the food so quickly! We are so used to our old microwave which worked so slowly that we sometimes set the timer on for too long and the food comes out too hot! We are getting used to how fast and great it is, though! I love the jet start button function, but one thing I do not like is that it gets to be a little complicated to use with all the buttons, but that is what the jet start button is for! I like that the turn table rotates and gets all of my food hot and tasty, which is really all I can ask with a microwave! The extra buttons (like for the popcorn and baked potatoes) are a nifty addition, but we have not really tried too many out, I would guess that it works great, just like the microwave does itself!

Grand Prairie, TX


It broke. The handle, vent grate, fan, and then stopped heating


This unit was a bad purchase. After one year of working fine, things started happening. First the handle broke, then the vent grate fell off and hit the stove and broke, then the fan started making a horrible racket, and finally it just stopped heating altogether. This unit is just over 2 years old.

Suwanee, GA


Whirlpool Accuwave - Gold... great microwave.


Whirlpool GH5184XPT - Bisque / 1.8 cu ft Microhood Combo.  This over-the-range microwave is super. It has 1100 watts with AccuWave, a feature that cooks evrything smooth and evenly. It cooks, defrosts, reheats, softens and/or melts butter, chocolate, etc.  It has many handy short-cuts.  It even heats your serving plates.  6th Sense cooking system that senses how hot the food is getting and automatically adjusts the power, so it doesn't power on & off constantly but with a smooth function as needed.  It has 2 grease and charcoal filters.  The unit also has 2 down-lights on each side. We really enjoy it and it looks great.

Maplewood, MN


Whirlpool 1100 Watt 1.8 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

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