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Whirlpool WET3300XQ 27" Electric Laundry Center with 2.5 cu. ft. Washer, 5.9 cu. ft. Dryer, 8 Wash Cycles, 6 Dry Cycles, AutoDry and Self-Clean Lint Filter

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Wonderful stacked washer and dryer


I have multiple units of these stacked washer and dryer sets for my work employees to wash their clothes uniforms after work. The narrow design and dual stack height fit perfectly in our workplace. My operators really like being able to wash and dry in one unit to keep their clothes separated from one another. The wash quality meets our requirements and they have shown significant durability for the last couple months of continuous usage. Energy Efficiency These are the energy efficiency models. As a business owner it is critical that I have these available for my operators to use, but also reduce the amount of energy needed to operate them. Cleaning Time I have not seen a difference in cleaning time between these units and others. They all seem to be able the same. Performance The wash quality of this unit meets our requirements. I am very happy with the performance. While they are not the biggest units available but meet our expectations. Ease of Use These are very easy to load and unload uniforms. Design I really like the narrow and stacked design as it allows us to place multiple units side by side for efficiency. Durability These units are used continuously everyday and have shown excellent wear and durability.



Only if you are a single person


If space is your issue, you are single, and much of your clothes is mostly sweat, this is perfect. I had it when it was my husband and I in a small house and we could barely do one load. It was a lot of energy and water, wasted, I think. We didn't use that much of clothes but couldn't fit it all either. Not to mention blankets etc. If you fill in too much, it may damage the tube inside, as it did in ours. Energy Efficiency Waste of energy in my opinion since you have to do at least two loads to wash a couple's laundry. Cleaning Time It's fast if you need to, but I don't think it cleans well bc of that. Performance It does the job with a small load. Ease of Use Very easy. No problems figuring it out. Design It's its best feature. It goes and fits anywhere Durability I'm afraid this won't last too long. Don' like it already with the problems it has been giving us



This is a great washer/dryer combo


This washer/dryer combo fits the bill for a small space and average load requirement. The washer uses smaller amounts of water but does a fine job cleaning. The dryer uses much less time than my old stand alone dryer and is very efficient. I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

Gaithersburg, MD



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