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Whirlpool WDF750SAYB Full Console Dishwasher with 15-Place Settings, 5 Wash Cycles, Sensor Cycle, 6 Options, Sani Rinse Option, Stainless Steel Interior and 51 dBA: Black

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A great ECO dishwasher.


This dishwasher is great. I took my time and reviewed just about every dishwasher made. The low priced and the extreme priced. For the money this dishwasher is the best I could find when it came to reviews from other users and the price. I wanted black to match my other appliances and kitchen and I wanted a dishwasher that didn't use a lot of water or electricity. This Whirlpool model fit my bill. Noise Level I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet this dishwasher is. It makes a low humming sound that I can only hear when in the kitchen next to it. There is a vibration I can feel through the floor when standing next to it, but no big deal since I don't intend on being in the kitchen when its running (at night). Cleaning Time I have only used the ECO wash and dry so I don't know what the other cleaning times are, but it takes quite a while due to the energy saving wash cycles. You would think because it takes longer to run that it would use more energy, but that is not the case at all. And I love that it uses much less water than the old model I got rid of. And it was a whirlpool too. Loading Flexibility I can load quite a bit of dishware in this machine. Plates, bowls, pots, pans all fit in just fine. The racks are adjustable to get the right angles to accommodate most dishware. The top rack holds a lot of glassware and large utensils. Performance My old dishwasher didn't clean anything and the lights were burnt out so I don't know what cycle it was on. On ECO this machine cleans very well. Most of my dishes are not too dirty so no need for harsher washes, but the holidays are coming so I may be using those cycles. To be honest, I can't wait to try them out and see how they clean dirty pots & pans! If ECO cleans good, I'm sure the pan cycle will do the same. Design Its a dishwasher. I don't like the buttons on the top. I like to see what's happening and the display lights. I like being able to adjust wash and dry cycles without having to open the door. The interior is stainless and very easy to keep clean. The filter is easy to lift out and clean also. The only thing I would change is the silverware holder attached to the door. I take it off and put it in the bottom rack in front. Durability It seems durable enough. Stainless interior so no stained plastic and easy up keep.




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