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Decent Website


My husband and I travel all the time. We like to get the best deals on our airfare when we travel. I discovered this website and found it somewhat useful in finding some deals. All you need to know is your destination and when you want to travel. You put those things in a search feature and it does the rest of the work for you. I have found that it can find some decent priced plane tickets. It also gives you details in the search about layovers. However, I have found I can find similar deals on other websites as well. This is also not a direct purchase website. That meaning that you cannot purchase your tickets directly from this website. I did not have a bad experience with it, but I do not plan to use it frequently either. Ease of Use It is easy to search on the website. The results can take a while to pull up. I did not like the amount of time I had to wait to see my results. Features Its main feature is searching airlines and helping you select a flight.




Whichairline.com: Good for Comparisons but Little Else


Travel is a regular part of my life and I use the internet to facilitate almost all of my travel needs. I have my favorite web sites that I return to frequently, but I have other travel sites that I will visit on occasion, just for some quick comparison shopping. One of these occasional sites is **Whichairline.com.** **Travel Web Site Commentary:** Whichairline.com is a travel service that sells airline tickets and more. With this travel service, you can search for airfare, lodging, and car rental around the world. Unlike other travel web services, there is even a section for travel- related news. The news stories are somewhat limited, with only a few each month, but this is still something unique and you don't find it in other travel web sites. Whichairline.com is a decent travel service to check from time to time for airfare in the USA or elsewhere around the globe. The service is much simpler than other travel web sites, and this can be both good and bad. One thing I like about the search function is that it shows the percentage of completion. With other travel searches in other sites, you have to sit and wait for the search to complete and you have no way of knowing if the search is close to its finish. With Whichairline.com, you can see the progress. Whichairline.com is good for making quick comparisons, but one fact that may annoy some users and make them not come back is that Whichairline.com is nothing more than an affiliate web service. It doesn't sell flights and hotel stays of its own. If you find what you want and click the link, you will notice that it takes you to another web site to make the purchase. **My Bottom Line:** My bottom line on Whichairline.com is that it does have some good features, but it isn't what I think of when I think about a full- service travel web site. The comparisons are nice and I like that it tells you the percentage of progress made, but the overall experience is not the best and the service is lacking in most ways. Ease of Use Very easy to use because its features are limited. Features Very few features in this service- it will ask where you want to go and then display a list.


Houston, TX


Easy flight price comparison, better results


One of the best travel sites I've found recently. It operates on very similar principles as as other popular travel search engines such as hipmunk, momondo, skyscanner etc - but it has one specialty - it compares prices also of low cost airlines and also can combine outbound nad inbound flights so that you can save a lot - I have not seen this before and it is really very useful for me as I belong to so called low cost travellers.


New York, NY



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