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Water Toy
Wham-O Slip 'n Slide - yard water slide

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We were slipping and a sliding at our summer luau party.


The boys wanted to get a Slip 'n Slide for my oldest son's graduation luau. They didn't have any of the old fashioned ones at Wal-Mart, so we ended up with the deluxe double land NASCAR Slip 'n Slide. Yay for us! Our slip 'n slide works like the others. You lay it out flat in the yard (on a hill is you have one), hook up the hose, and turn on the water. The kids run and slide stomach down to the end - getting wet of course and laughing. The boys at my party were bigger, so they had to jazz things up. They got ahold of the dish washing detergent and poured that on the slip 'n slide. To make them go faster of course. Then they poured the dish washing liquid right on their clothes and ran and slid down the slip 'n slide. They enjoyed that. The girls did not slip 'n slide - probably because the boys had it all soaped up and messy. They also probably did not want to get hurt, and the boys were downright rowdy - which is no surprise if you have boys. I always loved slip 'n slides, and I thought about giving this a try. Since the boys sprained my knee last summer on the boat pull toy and since I was cooking for the party, I decided not to. Maybe we'll hook it back up again, and I'll slip and slide but proably without all the soap. I'd say slip 'n slides are novelty toys. They aren't super durable. But, they are certainly fun for a summer or for a party.

southern, NC


Wham-O Slip 'n Slide - yard water slide

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