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Wet n Wild
Wet n Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder - All Shades

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wet n' wild pressed powder is great compact powder


I have been seeying the physicians formula natural products and have wanted to try them but i find them a bit pricey! So in order to try it out, a similar product, I purchased the wet n wild natural pressed powder in my shade, and the price was way better! This comes in a varierty of shades, and the product has alot of good stuff like vitamins, and natural ingredients. The box looks like it is good for the environment as well. I like that wet n wild do not test on animals as well. So very good product overall. This is a really nice sized compact, easily can just throw in your purse and you are shine free all day with the pressed powder quite easily handyly readily available. The compact is rectangular and quite slim.

San Bernardino, CA


Good powder with less junk in it


I've been using this powder for nearly a year. I came across it when I was looking for a more "natural" face powder without the junk in it. I am very happy that it doesn't have any fragrance or parabens, nor does it have talc. I've heard that the loose powders that have mica in them are not good to use because they are more likely to be ingested due to the loose/unpacked powder flying in the air, so I was avoiding loose powders. I was happy to find this powder. It took a little bit of transition where my face appeared more orange, even though I had bought 2 different colors and they appeared to match until I went into the sun for awhile. But that only happened twice and I think it was transition from makeup with a bunch of junk in it. I really like the light coverage this gives; I like to look like I'm not wearing makeup, or wearing minimal makeup. I like it to be easy to apply. It is all of these things. My only complaint is that this powder breaks REALLY easily. Once it broke apart completely between the store and home. One broke apart when I kept it in my purse. And near the end of the compact, it usually breaks apart. This isn't a huge deal until I need to travel with it and can't. I still haven't found a good non-junky travel powder, but for home use, this one is great.

Loveland, CO


Affordable Minerals, but wears off some


So I am big on trying new make-up and seeing what fits best for my skin.  For a very long time I was using the maybellines dream foundation, both liquid and powder, but my pockets were lookling for something a bit cheaper.  Thats when I decided to try out this wet n wild line of minerals.  From right off the bat I liked it,  It was cheaper but still looked very nice and it didnt leave any make-up lines, plus it didnt clog any pores.  My color was always easy to find and it wasnt like the loose powder that got every where,  since its pressed my mirror and purse stayed clean... However, I have noticed that throughout the day I had to do a lot more touch ups then I have ever had to do with any other make-up.  I dont really like having to check my make-up every other hour to make sure its not fading,  but on an over all look, since you are saving money and it is healthy for your skin, I say go for it!

Dallas, PA


Wet n Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder - All Shades

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