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Wet n Wild
Wet n Wild Mega Wink Mascara

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Wink wink


It's perfect for just the right amount of make up for an all natural look



Truly embodies the name!


Wet n Wild is clearly geared toward a certain look: dramatic, dazzling lashes.  And it fulfills that mission with excellence.  It's sad to read some of the average-rating reviews and I fear most of those are written by people expecting a more natural look.  I can't help but wonder if they even paid attention to the company title.  But I digress.  Here are my reasons for loving Wet n Wild Mega Wink Mascara: 1) The clumping factor is at a minimum.  This is not to say that lashes are completely separated (my one minor gripe with the product), but you won't find random balls of goo on the bristles or lashes. 2) Your lashes will be coated completely.  My lashes happen to be long, but they get lighter at the top, and Wet n Wild really evens out the color to display the full length. 3) All you need is the mascara to make your eyes POP!  Part of what creates dramatic lashes will be the wet look.  But no need to worry, just because they look wet, doesn't mean it will actually smudge. 4) The company does NOT test on animals! The only reason I did not dole out 5 stars is because not everyone wants show-stopping eyes for every event.  But for what Wet n Wild sets out to do, it delivers.

New York, NY


Wet 'n Wild mascara curl did't curl


I have tried Wet 'n Wild mascara curl and I could not see any difference. I had to continue to use my eyelash curler. I also found that the product was typically clumpy and did not help to separate lashes. Ive tried alot of different mascaras out there and just can not seem to find one that is satisfactory. Most I find give false  advertising as far as the "special " types of things they are supposed to do. 

Melba, ID


wet n wild is great


i usually question quality when the price of a beauty product is so low such is the case with wet and wild mascara. i mostly purchase cosmetics for high end department stores. but when i first tried this mascara, i was truly shocked in a positive way.the mascara lasts a long time and does not melt off my eyes even with the high humidity in my area. it really makes my eyelashes look big and makes them look thick. i actually got compliments on my eyelashes the same day i wore it. There is really no clumping as i applied it and also no clumping or flaking once it had been on for most of the day. the price is very inexpensive. this is one of those lucky finds. I truly love this mascara. i also like that it is very easy to remove. unlike other mascaras this mascara can be removed with soap and water. another adavantage is that it lasts for a long time. the mascara requires very few coats and applies evenly on my eyelashes.

Harlingen, TX


New Wet 'N Wild Mascara is amazing


I recently got a free product trial of the new Wet 'N Wild mascara line for being a VIP on their website. I fell in love. My all-time favorite used to be Maybelline Great Lash until I got this free sample. I've tried many mascaras over the years and I was surprised how well this worked. It doesnt clump and it evenly gets all of my lashes with an even and dark coat. I went and bought 3 more when they were on sale at Rite Aid.

New Bethlehem, PA


Great for an easy, pretty, natural look.


 Recently I tried Wet 'n Wild mascara and I have to say I love it. I don't know a ton about makeup, but this is the best mascara I have ever used. It's very wet, so it glides easily onto eyelashes. Also, it dries quickly. I just wiped my eyelashes hard with my finger and nothing got on my hand or face, which is crazy for a mascara. Before I would always get my cheek or eyelid a bit with the bush, causing black spots, but I haven't had the problem at all with this. It definitely curls the lashes well, and keeps them curled, black, long and natural looking all day. This is all partly because of the brush, which is shaped perfectly. Although sometimes when I get home I notice a little black under my eyes from the mascara, but it wipes off very easily. The only other problem is that a lot comes out on the brush and if you're not thinking about it, way too much will get on your eyelashes. However if you simply wipe some off in the tube, it's great. I would definitely recommend this product for someone going for a quick, cheap, easy natural look. However, I wouldn't recommend this if you're going for a more dramatic, eye popping look. Not exacltly top of the line in my opinion, but amazing for the average customer.

Pittsburgh, PA


Irritates your eyes and flakes


when i first bought this mascara i was absolutely thrilled with the price and the color that it gave my lashes. after about a week or two of using it my eye started to water so much that i couldn't put any makeup on it. after discontinuing use my eye got better. it may be just because i have sensitive eyes, but something in the mascara made them irritated. other than that the color you get is great but it does clump. Also you have to scrape the applicator on the tube to get some of the product off because so much comes out. furthermore it flakes onto you cheeks after about 3-4 hours. overall i am not to happy with the mascara, and i would not buy it again.

Saint Paul, MN


Wet n Wild Mega Wink Mascara

3.6 7