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Wet n Wild
Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss - All Shades

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waste of money


I bought a tube of Wet n wild mega slicks lip gloss in clear a while back.  However I was so disappointed with the quality of this product.  I wasn't expecting a high quality product considering the very low cost of the wet and wild cosmetic products.  However I was not expecting it to be of such a poor quality.  The gloss had a very odd odor to it and in fact it smelled like maybe it was rotton and moldy.  Also the color was barely visable and seemed to disappear from my lips by the time I got the lid back on the bottle.  I will not buy Wet n wild mega slicks lip gloss ever again.  I would also not recommend this product to any of my friends or family, even though the price is very affordable.  I haven't tried any other wet n wild cosmetic products other than the lip gloss and after the negative results I have had with the lip gloss I will not try anything else in their line ever.  Do not buy this product. 

Warsaw, IN


Good price, good lip gloss.


Wet and Wild Mega Slicks lip gloss is a great deal for good lip gloss. It lasts fairly long and there are many shades to choose from. If you can find one that matches what you want, you can get a great bargain. I find it is on sale often and you can get coupons for it to make it even cheaper. I find that other lip glosses do last a bit longer, but this lip gloss works well, especially considering the price. Mine lasted a long time too, I have had it for quite a few years and it still works just fine. If you are someone who likes to buy many different shades, consider this lip gloss because it is pretty cheap. I am not much of a makeup wearer, but on occasions I do wera makeup, I defintely will wear lip gloss and not lipstick. This product applies very easily and holds its color well. once dry, it will last a very long time. I would definitely recommend looking for sales and coupons, makeup can get expensive.

Halifax, PA


Great bargain if it fits your skin type


I have actually had the opposite experience from the one in the other review here: for me, this lip-gloss is almost too oily -- my lips feel like I kissed butter and sort of stick together. This lip-gloss comes on really thick, too, and unless you're a master at lip-gloss application, it will end up on your fingers, chin, and possibly clothes. No, you won't look like you were trying to do your lips while spinning in a tornado, but you might have little traces here and there that are nonetheless irritating. Also keep in mind that all the colors are glittery, which is fine with lighter colors, but gets interesting with the darker shades. The gloss has a berry-sweet fragrance that not everyone might like. This lip-gloss also gets "eaten" off your lips fairly easiy, so be prepared to reapply frequently. Once you master the trick of only getting a little bit of it on the applicator at a time, you'll see that the tube lasts a really long time.

Lincoln, NE


Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Lip Gloss - All Shades

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