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Wet n Wild
Wet n Wild Mega Last Strengthening Nail Color - All Shades

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Wet N Wild Nail Color


I use it on my nail and toe nails, and just used it for a top coat for both nail and toe nails, was super easy to use, color was true to what was in the bottle, applicator was easy to use, and the only i didn't is that is sorta hard to get off.




Decent Polishes, but Chips Fast


The Wet n Wild Mega Last Strengthening Nail Colors are decent polishes, except that they start chipping about 2-3 days after applying. These polishes are really, really cheap which makes them appealing to younger girls. I have tons and tons of these polishes from my tween and teen years, and they are just as good as they were when I got them. I recommend investing in a great top coat so manicures done with these polishes last longer.






Buy it! The new Wet n Wild megalast with the Pro-manicure brush is wonderful. The new, redesigned brush is a flat, wide brush reminiscent of the brushes I've seen by Borghese. It makes painting your nail in one or two swipes a breeze, since painting your nails in the fewest amount of swipes is key (for me at least) to painting nicely. The only difficult part with the brush is that it is difficult to get the paint off the stick portion of the brush. The absolute best part of this nail polish is that the paint hasn't chipped or faded in shine and luster for over a week! This is without a top coat. This is better than the expensive nail polishes I've tried, such as Essie and OPI, because within a few days, I can see cracks and chips in those polishes. The color is thick and opaque so multiple coats aren't even needed. Can I also mention that these polishes are only 1.99? They are also toluene free!


Temple City, CA


May strengthen but didn't last long enough for me to find out!


***Quick View:*** I love pricey nail polishes because they last and I am rough on my nails but sometimes, I will see a unique shade of inexpensive nail color and try it out. I was drawn to this line because it indicated that, not only did the polish last a long time on nails, but it had strengtheners in the formula which I need. I like the shades and it may strengthen but the color didn't last long enough on my nails for me to get any benefits. ***My Take on ****Wet n Wild Mega Last Strengthening Nail Color *** This nail polish comes in an array of shades but they aren't as wild as some of the other lines that Wet n Wild markets, at least not from I saw. I liked a baby pink shade for summer and, while I have dark pink polishes, I don't have light ones because I usually shun them. The shade I saw, called True Love, was really pretty and I thought it would look nice on my somewhat tanned fingertips and toes. It was really inexpensive as well which made buying the polish easy to do. The bottle and brush are simple - nothing special there. The formula is toluene, formaldehyde and phthalate free though and there are ingredients in the polish that are supposed to harden nails to keep them from breaking or splitting. My nails always break and I constantly have to use strengtheners and even then, I find myself cutting my nails down to very short because they don't stay healthy when they're longer. **Wet n Wild Mega Last Strengthening Nail Color** is fairly thick and takes quite a while to dry. I use nail polish drying drops and it still takes longer than usual to dry. I polished my fingernails and toe nails with True Love and the shade was very pretty and different from what I usually wear. There was a little streaking through when I added a second coat and the color was a bit uneven. I added a top coat to ensure a long lasting mani and pedi. Unfortunately, the polish started chipping quickly from my fingernails although it lasted nicely on my toes. I do use my hands all the time, typing, washing dishes, and doing general stuff that causes just about any polish to chip but this one chipped after only a couple of days. On my toes, it lasted longer, about a week. I didn't feel my nails were stronger but then again, I didn't have the polish on very long. I removed it when it got too hard to touch up and used another brand of polish. I used **Wet n Wild Mega Last Strengthening Nail Color** again and it chipped fast again so my nails probably never got the benefits of the strengtheners in the formula. ***My Viewpoint*** **Wet n Wild Mega Last Strengthening Nail Color** has some pretty shades and is fairly shiny. It lasts decently on my toenails but can't hold up to what I put my hands and nails through. It chips fast on my hands. I use the polish when I want to go somewhere and it stays on a day or two after and then I remove it because of chipping. In all, this polish, for me, is average. It's not awful but I wish it would last longer so I could get the strengthening benefits from it.*** 3 stars. ***I recommend this line for those looking for cheap polish and who don't mind touching it up or reapplying more often than with pricier polishes.****


The heart of , NY


WetNWild MegaLast Strengthening Nail Color Mystifies Me


In the interest of full discosure, I confess to being a fake-nail fan. Why do daily maintenance when you can have beautiful nails applied? The maintenance involves another me-break at the spa and isn't really too expensive--if you can cut back elsewhere. Because of a medical treatment, for some time I have not worn the gels or acrylics. I try to be a diligent home manicurist but I am often with at least one chip, or worse... I chose the WetNWild because I loved,loved,loved the baby pink. It looks like the color of my childhood bedroom. Why, O why does it leap from my nails so readily? I paint on the WetNWild base coat,the pretty pink, and a top coat. I am so happy with my short pink nails. While not glam, they are cute. Hours later, to my horror, I notice that one of my fingers has a naked nail! The whole covering has disappeared. Where is it? Nothing is yuckier than a nine-nail manicure, so I remove the remaining polish. With remover? No-I find I can literally PEEL the color off. I give this product 3 stars because it is perfect for a pretty 30-minute manicure. Paint your nails. Repeat. :)


Williston, VT


Wet&Wild Strengthening Polish chips off before any strengthening


You get what you pay for with Wet n Wild strengthening nail polish - low price+low quality and no durability.  I picked this nail polish because I really liked the color.  I figured that if it was strengthening as promised it would stay on my nails for a while.  Not so.  It didn't even make it through a whole day before it was chipping and I don't think that I am really rough on my nails.  The only way I can get any use out of this polish is to use it as an undercoat and put something with more durability over it.  They can call it "Mega Last" all they want - they really shoud have called it "Quick Chip."  If the polish does not even stay on your nails for a day, it is hard to say that it has any strengthening properties whatsoever.  I wish that it had done a better job and that I could recommend it because they do have a nice array of colors but unfortunately, I have to give it a thumbs down even though I wasn't expecting much for the cheap price. 


Lake Forest, CA


A LOT of wow for your buck!


Bought this stuff b/c I'm on a budget and they had the color I was looking for.  This nail polish rocks!  My nails are strong (they chip and break all the time) and the polish has not chipped at all.  My nails are still looking great after 2 weeks!  I love it!


Lewisville, TX


Wet n Wild Mega Last Strengthening Nail Color - All Shades

3.7 7