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Wet n Wild
Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Retractable Eye Pencil - All Shades

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Wet n Wild retractable eyeliner -690A - black


This eyeliner was on sale at my local drugstore for buy one, get one free sale, and the eyeliner pencil was only .99. I thought this was a great buy and a great time to try a new pencil eyeliner, Compared to my 15.00 eyeliner, this one works just as good! It lasts long, more than 4 hours in a day. And I should mention for some reason my eyelids are a bit oily, so most eyeliners do not stay on well. but this eyeliner pencil holds well. I am quite surprise how smooth it goes on when applying as well. The only thing I do not like is the caps or lids are a cheap plastic and either break or fall off easily. Good value for the money, as well as works well.



wet n wild retractable eye pencil is cool


I purchased this in the black shade, and i like the idea of this wet n wild idol eyes retractable eyeliner pencil. THe fact that it is retractable I quite like, because I absoilutely hate having to sharpen eyeliner pencils! I always loose my sharpeners, this takes sharpener loosing right out of the equation, so I am not always looking for that lost sharpener in the morning! makes it easy! as it is retractable, so I just grab the pencil, eyeline my eyes, and it is ready for the next use, just like that! no stand alone sharpener needed. It just twists at the bottom to get more product out, as you need it. I think it was a genuius idea! to make a retractable eyeliner pencil, will never go back to boring stand alone sharpener pencils for eyeliner, no way.

San Bernardino, CA


Wet'n Wild Idol Eyes Retractable Eye Pencil isn't worth it


Wet'n Wild Idol Eyes Retractable Eye Pencil isn't really worth the money.  I found that this product was difficult to apply, messy and really didn't stay in place once applied. It had to be applied several times to get an even coat, which made the application more heavy and dramatic than I would like.  This also required more time and often resulted in the need to remove the make-up and then reapply a second time.  Although it's very inexpensive, since it didn't do the job, it wasn't worth the cost to me.  I found the make-up tended to float around the eyes and smeered easily.  Gave a messy and un-natural appearance.  Also, was a very un-natural looking make-up.  Perhaps it's a more dramatic look than I would like.  The quality of the make-up itself isn't very good.  Wet'n Wild does have some other products that I like, but I was not pleased with this particular Eye Pencil and would not recommend it to friends, nor would I purchase this product again.  In this case, it seems that you get what you pay for, it is a very in-expensive eye pencil and isn't a high quality item.

Travelers Rest, SC


Wet n Wild Idol Eyes Retractable Eye Pencil - All Shades

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