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Wet Ones
Wet Ones Liquid Hand Sanitizer

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Wet Ones Gel Hand Sanitizer is handy and works!


I wouldn't say I'm a health-nut or a hypochondriac - though some may challenge the last point. I just believe in a l'il ounce of prevention. And it's great to see our country moving increasingly in this direction. (Even though it seemed to take the H1N1 flu virus to get us there.) I love that my grocery store has hand wipes for the cart handles... doctors offices and hospital lobbies havd sanitizing gel dispensers (and masks)... and that we have been educated as to the "proper" way to sneeze - into our arm. But when I'm going about my day I still use my Playtex Wet Ones Instant Hand Sanitizing Liquid/Gel. At 2 oz. it slips into my purse, pocket and into one of my coffee cup holders in my car. I always use it after I pump gas! Not so much for germ protection but just to feel clean. It has a LIGHT fresh scent which I like. It claims to kill 99.99% of germs and it also claims to have moisturizing qualities. All I know is that the stuff works. Another point as far as personal care that I like: there's no "cloth" or "wipe" to dispose of... so it's a "green" product. Enjoy! And stay clean and healthy!!  


Northfield, IL


Wet Ones Liquid Hand Sanitizer

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