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Wet n Wild
Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals Powder Foundation

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I really love this product!


I bought this product at walmart because I was looking at various mineral makeups to buy. They all seemed kind of expensive so I thought I would try the wet n wild one. It was a pretty good price at the store so I thought well at least if I buy it and don't like it I wont be upset about the amount I paid for it. Come to find out I really ended up loving this product. I have tried many different brands of loose powders and they always seem to be really cakey and make my skin look really bad. When I tried this product I was shocked at the coverage it gave me and how my skin looked and felt right after I put it on. Sometimes my skin gets a bit shiny so I will use this powder and has great staying power. I have not noticed that is makes my skin breakout because I have really sensitive skin. So that is also another plus about the makeup. I think if you try this product out you will really love it like I did.

Columbus, OH




This is a wonderful, inexpensive face powder. It has great coverage, usually lasting all day unless you are extremely active and sweaty, then you may have to reapply it. I have acne and it is embarrassing. I have found that this face powder does not break me out worse and is quite effective at covering up those embarrassing spots I don't want anyone else to see. It looks very natural when I apply it. It comes in colors close to your natural skin giving you a very natural, beautiful look. It goes on very smooth and feels good all day long. I never have a greasy, oily feeling while wearing it. It is a 100% natural powder. It is 100% free of parabens. It is fragrance free and hypoallergenic. It is dermatologist approved. It comes in a thin case made of recycled cardboard with a small sponge to easily apply in hard to reach areas. The price is much better than those other name brands, I can't believe it is so affordable. I don't think they know how good their product really is.

Hixson, TN


Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals Powder Foundation

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