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Wet n Wild
Wet n Wild Mascara Base

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Wet N Wild Mascara Base is a good basic mascara choice


I tried Wet N Wild Mascara Base recently. It was a good solid simple mascara. It coated my lashes well and added some length to them. However, it is not an extreme mascara. I would choose this as an "everyday mascara" choice. This product will not give you a glamorous look. The result is a more natural effect.  I found the colors to be rich and deep. The black has a nice dark appearance that stays true while wearing it. I did find that it takes a little longer to dry than some other mascaras I have tried. Once it was dry, it did not smudge or bleed. It went on well without excessive clumping.On the plus side it was very inexpensive compared to the other products on the market. Also, there are often coupons and sales that you can take advantage of when purchasing this Rimmel cosmetic. I also like that  this mascara  can be be found in most drug stores and mass market stores. This makes it  perfect for an on the go choice.

Des Plaines, IL


very cheap yet smooth


This mascara is a deal worth trying. It comes in a few colors and you can find this mascara almost anywhere. It goes on smooth and you need to apply a few coats to make it work. I need a mascara that will fulfill my basic needs, length, color and ease of use. It needs to be user friendly and make me want to come back for more. I bought mine at Walgreens for 599 and tried it on the way home in the car. I bought it on very black. ihad to pump it a few tmes and apply a few different coats to get the length and thickness I desired. It is waht it is a cheap mascara for a tight budget that will work. I disliked trying to wash it off and it was clumpy as heck to do. I recommend that teenagers and consumers on a tight budget try this product. I am an avid Lancome mascara fan and this was okay. It is comparable to Rimmel lash extensions if thats helpful. My spelling in this review is horrible and I am not good at words but hope this helped.......

Saint Louis, MO


it was ok


I tried this mascara recently and found that it was ok.  I definitely have tried some brands that I enjoy a lot more, but this one wasn't the worst.  It was definitely less expensive then some that I have tried, but quality wasn't as good.  I probably wouldn't buy it again.

Abilene, KS


It's awesome... I'd use it forever it's so great!


I love this mascara. It does not clump or anything like that. I always hate it when the mascara clumps up, but this one is terrific! It smooths on really easy and it makes my lashes so much nicer in the fact that it fans them out really nice. I also like the fact that it washes off easy as well. I used to have trouble washing mascara off but this washes off like a charm! It was relatively good in price and worth it all the way! You should try the Wet N' Wild Mascara Base sometime!

Wellsboro, PA


Wet n Wild Mascara Base

3.5 4