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Westinghouse 9-Speed Electric Sifter/Mixer Hand Mixer

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The Westinghouse Hand Mixer is easy to use and light weight!


The Westinghouse Hand Mixer is a great product! It's easy to use, easy to clean, light weight, and perfect for creaming those potatos or mixing that cake!  It's easily stored and retrieved and adds an element of class to any kitchen.  When you're not in the complicated process of kitchen production but in the grips of a simple meal preperation, this product is absolutely the best!  It also makes a great gift.  All adults need one, all brides will enjoy the use of one, all kitchens would be less efficient without one!

Sacramento, CA


What a great Westinghouse mixer.


I couldn't live without my White Westinghouse hand mixer. I can make soup right in the pot by sauteeing the vegetables and then mixing them. I can make mashed potatoes right in the pot after boiling the potatoes. I can make salsa, and fruit juice drinks. What a piece of machinery. It's light weight and fits right into my hand. Storage is a snap.

Boca Raton, FL


Westinghouse 9-Speed Electric Sifter/Mixer Hand Mixer

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