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Westinghouse - 26 in. HDTV LCD TV TV/DVD Combo

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One great Little TV


This is a great working, easy to hook up TV. A excellent picture an is internet or computer ready!!! Picture Quality Picture is clear an excellent resolution right out of the box- no need to adjust but you can adjust to personal preferences. Sound Quality Sound is great with no distortion with loudness The built in speakers can handle any sound setting without problems or crackling of any type. You can also add external speakers if you want and have the same sound quality Durability My set is 3 years old and works like new-it has been moved an repositioned and have had no problems at all..This is a great tv. Design Very slim-free standing and easy to move very easy to setup and it is of a size that is convenient for many spaces-not to small but not huge I suggest this set highly Performance The performance of this set is exceptional for the price its a great set-small enough for anyplace but the picture is clear and easy to see

Parsons, TN


This Westinghouse TV is adequate


I purchased this Westinghouse 26 inch television with DVD player around December of 2009 for my bedroom. For some strange reason I wanted a DVD player built into the television, and this particular model was the best price with this feature available at the time. The TV has performed adequately with no problems other than a couple of times the DVD has not loaded properly. This is a rather basic television that is only unique because of the front load DVD player. It amazes me how little I have used the DVD player being that it was the primary reason for buying this particular model. I have several televisions, and this is probably my least favorite. If I were able to do it over I would have purchased a 32 inch or larger model for my bedroom. This television is setting on a dresser that is 20 feet away from my bed, and the 26 inch screen on this model is to small for such a distance. I do not recommend this Westinghouse 26 inch television with DVD player because there are so many better products at a more favorable price available today

Sparta, TN


Westinghouse SK-26H590D 26 iin TV is a great deal!


**The Westinghouse SK-26H590D 26 in HDTV/LCD DVD combo is a very great televison set to own. I bought mine last Christmas and it is still going strong today. It does get a bit hot in the back of it so be careful in not placing it against something. I learned to use a plugin that I can switch off when leaving the house to turn this and a few other items in the same area off. It has three different screen modes you can use that I really like. The color is perfect and I have had no issues with the color changing or being distorted at anytime.  The remote sometimes gets glitchy and I have to bump it to get it to work. The one thing I do not like about the television is that sound does tend to go up and down without warning. I checked the setting on my audio and they were not changed so there may possibly be something with the sound increasing on and off at any given time. Other than that flaw it has been a wonderful television and we plan on getting a bigger version of the same Westinghouse brand this year. **

Mobile, AL


A great price for an HDTV Combo!


This is the 2nd Westinghouse TV that I own (my other is not HD or a combo). I am actually on my second model of this TV. The first one that I bought had a bad "V" chip. Westinghouse openly admits that there was a problem with this model and the V-Chip in some are defective, mine included. So no big deal, I exchanged it for another. (Hey, it's technology, it can happen - there are more important things to get frustrated over). So this one is spot on. Having the built in DVD player is awesome, it's one less piece of equipment that I have to have so my TV cabinet looks cleaner. If I stop the DVD and start to watch TV or shut the whole thing off, it picks up where I left off on the disk, no searching for chapters. Down side? the TV stand is not adjustable (I'd like to tilt the bezel up a bit). It is what it is but you can remove the base for wall mounting. And the remote likes to be pointed directly at the TV to work not just in the general direction. I grabbed this on sale in my local store - it is a great price point for HD. oh, for added piece of mind, I grabbed a service extension too.

San Jose, CA


Westinghouse - 26 in. HDTV LCD TV TV/DVD Combo

4.0 4