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Westinghouse 22-Inch LCD Monitor

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Good Inexpensive Monitor


Having been using this monitor for a year, I found no problem associated with it.  Picture is very clear, color & contrast are great.  This can double as TV too as far as I know (haven't tried though).  Great monitor, and quite a bit less expensive as the other brands too.

Bellevue, WA


Love it :)


I love the bright, vivid colors of this monitor better than any I've had before.  The enormous screen took some getting used to, but I love how it allows me to sit back more comfortably in my chair (I'm near-sighted, so I tend to put my face close to the monitor).  There are two reasons I didn't give it five stars:  First, the power button is so close to the adjustments button, that I sometimes access the latter when I mean to turn it off.  Only slightly annoying, but could have been a better design.  Second, the embedded speakers were not so good, and I gave up using them within a month.  However, it works really well with my Logitech speakers. 

Mount Hood Parkdale, OR


Westinghouse LCM Monitor has made my computer experience awesome


This monitor is awesome and makes using a computer such a wonderful experience. The picture is vivid and clear and I did not realize how much better it could be until this Westinghouse LCD monitor was purchased for me for my birthday! I would recommend anyone using the old monitors that take up so much space to buy one of these to not only give you more space but make what you are viewing so much better too!

Milton, FL


Westinghouse 22-Inch LCD Monitor

4.7 3