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Very reliable with low rates.


I have been with Westfield Insurance Company for 6+ years now, and I am very satisfied in my experience with them. They came recommended to me from a family member. I deal with a local agent/broker and receive both my home and also my car insurance through Westfield. They have fast, clear and understandable paper communication, as well as an easy-to-use website. They have options for online bill pay or traditional. I do not receive additional junk mail or phone calls from them. My rates have been incredibly reasonable, and yet I feel I am offered excellent coverage. I did have to make a claim due to a car accident 5 years ago, and Westfield was very fair and generous in their reimbursement, as well as prompt and timely. I am able to receive discounts through their company, and overall my experience has just been very favorable. I highly recommend this company and am completely satisfied to remain with this company myself and not shop around for other insurance.

Lagrange, OH


They did a great job with our large claim!


We had a water leak in our kitchen when we were away from home for ten days. Our entire wood floor was warped and most of the downstairs flooring needed to be replaced/refinished. We had water puddles in the basement and many items were ruined. We quickly called our insurance agent at Westfield and within a couple of hours, we had a water restoration team at our house. From the time we contacted them, Westfield did a fabulous job. Our assigned agent was professional and thorough and accepting of all of our claims. We were paid quickly and had no trouble with reimbursement. We ended up doing a renovation of much of our downstairs while we were torn up and westfield was great with our timetable. We were put up in a hotel for a week while our floors were being redone, which Westfield paid for, as well as all of our expenses while away from home (for six people!). Very pleased with them!

Elkhart, IN



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