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Western Governors University - Computer Science

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WGU great for some, not all


The positives about this school are: * Affordable (pay about 500.00 a month for as many or as little classes as you want) * Books aren't paid for separately, they are included with the program * Proctored tests are included with the programs (up to 2 attempts per class) * Flexible  * The counselors put you on a schedule that should be easy to accomplish   The negatives about this school are: * Limited classes in programs * Mentors assigned are at times useless and unreliable (check-in calls are required once a week to pass sometimes no information) * You absolutely MUST be a good test-taker to succeed in this school * With the advisor's recommended schedule you'll be paying for tuition forever, you must take the initiative to get more done * Sometimes if you are close to a deadline the mentor will tell you there are consequences to missing it, but the consequences are unclear * New programs so the help is limited * The requirement to work with partners in this format is an unreasonable request  

Leesburg, VA


Western Governors University - Computer Science

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