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Western Digital
Western Digital My Passport Essential SE WDBABM7500ABK 750 GB External WDBABM7500ABK-NESN USB 2.0 Hard Drive

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Easy way to backup harddrive


Realizing my laptop was 4 years old and I had our entire lives on pictures saved on that computer I wanted to be sure and back it up. This harddrive is super easy to use, just plugged it in and followed directions. Now feel much better that I have backup in case something happens with my laptop.


Callaway, VA


My Passport 750GB Portable Hard Drive gives you peace of mind


My husband is the computer geek in our household so he is responsible for all of our computer-related purchases. I don't pay attention to the latest technology or the newest gadgets and would still be content using floppy discs if they produced computers that still accept them. When my husband came home with Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 750GB Portable Hard Drive, it was no more exciting to me than a trip to the (yawn) hardware store. I did not understand his eagerness to open up the package and hook the "thingie" up to my laptop. In fact, I did not pay any attention to it until he told me that he backed up all of the pictures (more than one thousand) that I had saved on my now-ancient external hard drive. I've always had a little nagging worry in the back of my mind of how upset I would be if I lost those pictures. Now I could sleep easily knowing that I had double back-up. My husband really likes this portable hard drive and uses it everyday for his laptop. It has a lot of storage space and is sleek enough to tote along with him when he needs it (to work) or to easily store inside his desk drawer at home (no more taking up space on the desk top). He said that it was very easy to install and was formatted for Windows (which we have) but can be reformatted for Mac users. While I still have little interest in computer gadgets, I am very happy that my husband purchased the Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 750GB Portable Hard Drive. Knowing that our important pictures and files are safe and secure gives me peace of mind.




Looks good works good


Western Digital's newest iteration of their portable passport hard drives looks sleeker than ever. I use this alongside my macbook air and pro and it matches them really well in terms of design. They come in a number of colors as well as limited designs, I have the sliver and think it looks the best. The SE versions of the Passport line is Western Digital's larger capacity portable drives and they are a little thicker then the basic version. It comes formatted for the PC but can easily be used on MAC too. The hard drive comes with software onboard that can't be removed but can be disabled. The software allows you to password protect and encrypt the drive as well as perform backups with a predetermined schedule. The setup is very straight forward and easy to get started. There really isn't any limitations to the drive, at least none that I have noticed yet. I did mind that the software was non-removable but since it's hardwired onto the drive and it's not taking up any of my storage space, I've accepted having there. Note: Disabling the software is not a setting, it requires a hack but it is very easy to do.  


Forest Hills, NY


Western Digital My Passport Essential SE WDBABM7500ABK 750 GB External WDBABM7500ABK-NESN USB 2.0 Hard Drive

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