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Western Digital
Western Digital My Book (WD3200D032-000) 300 GB

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A fairly solid, if dated external drive.


I've owned one of these external hard drives for several years, using it primarily as a backup and archiving device, but also occasionally using it to transfer very large files and directories between computers I own that are too large to put into the cloud or for more traditional forms of transfer media. In that time, this drive has performed acceptably, doing everything that I have asked it to do without any trouble. It has reliably connected to my computer every time I have used it, aaccepted the data that I have transferred to it without any hicups, and stored it without any data errors. The speed of data transfer is about the same as any other USB 2.0 device, so although it can be a bit slow with large amounts of data, it is just as fast as all but the newest external drives. Still, there are a few minor annoyances with this device. When I first got it, the file system was set up for the obsolete FAT32 format instead of the more current NTFS, which was inefficient, limited the size of files that could be put on it, and required me to convert the file system and reformat the drive using Windows utilities. It can also be kind of noisy in operation compared to a lot of devices. However, the biggest annoyance is that it is externally powered, requiring an adapter to be plugged into an outlet, and there isn't always an available outlet close enough to the computer I wish to use the drive with to be used. And of course, being an older drive, it is kind of small by modern standards. Other than those little quirks, it has been a great, not-so-little external hard drive.




Gives you a sound mind for backing up files


I purchased Western Digital's My Book back in 2007.  I absolutely love it, because it's proven to be reliable and gives me a peace of mind knowing that all the important files and documents on my computer are backed up incase something happens to my harddrive.  Due to it's portability I can quickly grab the harddrive and go if I want to share pictures, music, documents, etc with friends or to transfer them to another computer.  The My Book is easy to connect and disconnect to the computer; in addition to being easy to use.  The transfer rate is pretty quick as well.  Ascetically I enjoy the button that lights up; it's also practical because it lights up varies ways to let you know if it's sleeping with your computer, transfering data, disconnecting from the computer, or turned off.  While connected to your computer, the My Book remains on with the computer, if the computer shuts down then the My Book shuts down (however it will turn on with the computer), also goes to sleep mode with the computer as well.


Dunedin, FL


Western Digital My Book (WD3200D032-000) 300 GB

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