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Westell 6100F

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The Westtell 6100F is an horrid little piece of equipment.


The Wesstell 6100 series is the standard DSL modem that is sent by Verizon for most DSL customers.  The problems start with the fact that it is not just a modem, it also acts as a router that can only route to one device.  This makes the "modem" very difficult to configure for use with a standard router.  The average home computer user with a decent understanding of how to follow instructions is not going to be able to configure any set up that will be functional in most homes.  Because of this the cost of this "free" modem is significantly higher in tech support charges. Additional draw backs include frequent resets, frequent failures, complete lack of product support, tech support being provided by people that know nothing at all about how the product functions (or is supposed to function) and over all sub par quality. Avoid this product, it is not worth the headaches and hassels you will suffer with it.

Phelan, CA


Westell 6100F

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