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Westell 327W

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If you still have one don't get rid of it


This is the dsl router ATT was using a couple years ago.  The new 2wires are ok but not nearly as reliable as these.  Next to the Netopias they use this was/is the best dsl router they have used.  Fully functional and perfect for multi-computer homes.  Range is excellent and can do most security methods.  Also has a robust interface for opening pinholes for gaming or cameras.  Only real negative is since this over a couple year old model they don't come in N wireless range.  It does do G and B types though which is usally just fine for the common household computing needs.  Very reliable and i've seen with my own eyes one come back from a lighting strike with a simple reset of the modem. Cannot do WPA PSK but as long as you secure the modem and have a system password no worries should be had with this wonderful modem and router.  Easy to setup and easy interface to navigate makes it a good modem/router for newer computer users. 


Jacksonville, FL


Great Performance And Easy To Use


The Westell Model 327W is a sleek easy to use modem and a router with a single antenna. It was easy to set up with my computer desktop. It came with the phone line and it's AC adapter. One convenience of this model is that it doesn't need a filter between the modem and the wall jack as it already has one built inside the modem/router. It displays solid and blinking light green lights to represent connectivities like DSL, Power, and Internet. This also works great with providing a wireless connection in a two story home. I don't exactly know how far it reaches under wireless but Im able to get a strong connection on the second story with my door closed. It has a 4-port switch in the back with a ON/OFF button and a reset button. It provides a 802.11g Wireless technology and it has a built in firewall and it doesn't require any software installation in order to use it. The box comes with a built in modification interface like most of them do. Great product!


San Martin, CA


The Westell 327W is a very good modem to use for networking.


The Westell 327W is a very good DSL modem to use for networking. It offers one phone line port for a connection to a phone jack, and it also includes 4 Ethernet ports, to connect to 4 computers. This modem can also be used as a wireless router, but it only supports WEP security, not WPA/PSK. You do have the option to have no security, though. The front display of this modem is very easy to understand. It shows the power status, and it also features link lights for all 4 computers connected to it. Besides that, it also shows the wireless activity, along with the status of the DSL line, and the Internet. This modem can easily be connected to a Ethernet switch or hub to connect more computers to it. I would highly recommend this DSL modem.


Somerset, NJ


Westell 327W

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