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West Bend
West Bend Programmable Bread Maker

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The convenient way to have homemade bread any time!


The West Bend 2 lb breadmaker consistently makes a good loaf of bread, with easy preparation and easy clean up. I've been using mine almost daily for three weeks, and have not been disappointed with the resutls. The timer allows me to prepare recipes the night before and wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread. I used the "dough" and "bake" setting for banana bread recently, and found that when a short mixing time is called for, it's better to mix the batter in a separate bowl and then use the "bake" setting, but other than that I'm very pleased with this breadmaker. Additionally, the breadmaker can be noisy during the kneading cycle. I live in a small apartment with a tiny, unreliable oven. I love being able to provide my family with fresh, homemade bread, made without preservatives or unnecessary ingredients. The West Bend 2 lb breadmaker is a great solution for a busy mom like me.  

South Hamilton, MA


Great machine easy to use


I recieved this bread machine as a gift. I have to admit I had tried other ones but this is easy to use and easy to clean. The bread comes out nicely browned and is not under done in the center A major problem with lots of other bread machines Try it you will love it!!

Linden, TN


I don't know how I lived without this bread machine!


I use my bread machine all the time and love coming up with new recipes for it. The possibilities are endless. There is nothing like coming home and having the house smell of fresh baked bread and this machine makes it soooooo easy! Put your water in, put your bread mix in, make a small hole and add the yeast, after the first rising add any extra ingredients like nuts or cheese and then just let it do its job. I have had prefect fresh bread every single time.

Phoenix, AZ


Love it- makes great bread easy!


We recently got this West Bend Bread Maker (an upgrade from their previous model, which had a 40 page manual and was WAY too much trouble to use), & and I must say that I really like it- it makes great bread EASY! we were actually thinking about "regifting" it when we got it as we thought we'd Never really use it, but we do! The instructions are really simple and easy, and it is truly Simple to use and clean- both Big plusses. You can add herbs and things and get creative, it kneads and bakes and dings to let you know it's done, and it makes it possible to have "real", warm, homemade bead on a daily basis, as opposed to the ucky stuff WalMart sells!  

Eckman, WV


West Bend Stainless Steel. bread too hard on outside!


**I love baking bread and have been doing so  for a long time.  I wanted the convenience of a bread machine.  I ordered the West Bend Bread Machine.  I was very excited and made three loaves  in the first week I recieved the machine.  I was dissappointed  because the outside of the loaf was so hard.  I have adjusted the color of the loaf before baking but the bread is still too brown on the outside.  I'm kind of puzzled, on the inside the bread is great just too well done on the outside!** **Linda Fuller, Gladewater Texas**

Gladewater, TX


Great for 1 - 2 people! .


This is a wonderful little bread machine. The name says it all - "Just for Dinner" - because it takes about 45 minutes from start to finish -  just about the time it takes to prepare dinner.  It's a great option for a anyone who wants to enjoy homemade bread in a smaller-than-average loaf.

North Scituate, RI


West Bend Programmable Bread Maker

4.2 6