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West Bend
West Bend Poppery 2 Popcorn Maker 82602

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Best way to make popcorn!


My husband and I were given a used West Bend Popcorn Poppery just because we had said how much we enjoyed making our own "old fashioned popcorn" at home. It is probably ten years old at least, but still works just great. I love that we can season the popcorn ourselves, and can even split it and season it multiple ways. I also like that we can make a lot, or a little depending on the number of people eating it. You can't do that with those premade bags from the grocery store! Also, the kernals are very cheap and actually really easy to find. The top of the poppery also serves as a convenient butter melted, which is nice except it can be a little small if you are making a large batch of popcorn. After making popcorn this way I would never go back to the store bought bagged popcorn. It is so easy, cheap and fun. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially anyone who has kids as it is a fun way to make perfect popcorn to lots of little hearts desires.

Las Vegas, NV


West Bend Poppery 2 Popcorn Maker 82602

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