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West Bend
West Bend Non-Stick Electric Skillet

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West Bend Skillet for Easy "stove top" Cooking


I've had this skillet for years! I took it to college so I could cook eggs, grilled cheese and other dinners in my dorm. Now, it is serving us well until our stove is fixed! It is easy to set up. Simply plug in and set to your desired temperature. Food cooks just as though you are using an actual skillet. It cleans up easy too.

Gainesville, FL


this electric skillet is very convenient


i have used this electric skillet countless times. i am always doing cooking activities with different youth groups in different places and this is one of my most basic and convenient tools. I dont have to worry about ovens and whatknot. This electric frying pan is very light and convenient. I just plug it in and turn the dial and it heats up. I have used it to make countless dishes, even for frying doughnuts!! I like the way the pan is shaped - not too flat but not too deep. It The one thing that bothers me is the fact that the plug is very very short. I basically need to plug it in very close to the outlet, which can be quite annoying. Or you will need a good extension cord. Overall, if you need something convenient to cook with, i would recomment this product!

Brooklyn, NY


West Bend 72212 Electric Skillet keeps the kitchen cooler


The West Bend 72212 Electric Skillet is a fine addition to any kitchen . It can not only help turn out your favorite meals but, if you have an electric stove, can also reduce your electric bill. Countertop appliances like electric skillets, toaster ovens, & crock pots use less electricity & raise the temperature of your kitchen less than cooking the same food in a standard pan or skillet on the burners or in the oven of an electric stove. Using this West Bend 72212 Electric Skillet isn't going to cut your electric bill in half, but, in today's economy, every little bit helps. The West Bend 72212 Electric Skillet is 12" x 12" & well over 2" deep, making it suitable not only for things like pancakes, eggs, chicken, & grilled cheese but also to deep fry such things as mini corn dogs, hush puppies, & breaded or battered meat or fish. The West Bend 72212 Electric Skillet has a clear glass lid, a non-stick surface & handles that make it easy to move to the table or the buffet. Nice pan. Cooks well. Saves electricity. What more could you want?

Frankfort, OH


West Bend Non-Stick Electric Skillet

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