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West Bend
West Bend Electric Steamer/Rice Cooker

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My West Bend elec. steamer/rice cooker always make perfect rice.


I am writing to you about a West Bend steamer/rice cooker. It is the best! I received mine for Christmas. What a wonderful gift to receive. When I made rice before I most always would burn the rice. Now because of my new steamer/rice cooker I always have perfect rice. There are good directions for how much water and how much rice to put in and how long to cook your rice to get that perfect rice every time. For me an added benefit is the steamer for vegetables and/or meats. You will find very clear directions on amount and how long to cook your vegetables, whether you want them to be well done or still a little crunchy. I had never steamed vegetables before but now, it is so easy, I find myself steaming them more often because they retain their color and seem so much more tasty. Whatever you are wanting to steam, whether it is rice, vegetables or meat, it is very easy. The steamer/rice cooker does it all for you. When you vegetables or rice is done the timer will ring and you will have perfect rice to fluff or beautiful bright vegetables or meat to serve up for your guests and/or family. 

Minneapolis, MN


West Bend Electric Steamer/Rice Cooker

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