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West Bend
West Bend Electric Can Opener

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Quiet, beautiful, easy to use can opener


This is a can opener easily opens small to large cans very quietly. It is well made and looks great in any kitchen, especially if you have stainless steel appliances. Performance It easily opens small, large and tall cans with ease. I am amazed at how quiet it is compared to previous openers I've owned. It grabs the lid with the magnet and easily releases the can when lifting the handle. There is an automatic shutoff feature, built-in bottle opener and knife sharpener. The knife sharpener does a good job too. Durability Since this is a heavy weight opener, it is made better than the lighter/cheaper openers on the market today. I am very pleased with the job it does. Design I like this extra tall design for ease of opening large and tall cans. It has a comfortable handle that lifts and lowers gently, "bites" into the can on first try, securely holds the lid and easy to clean. it is slim with a knife sharpener & bottle opener conveniently located on the back. There is a built in cord storage and removable cutting accessory that is dishwasher safe.


Oxford, OH


This came highly recommended to us.


My wife got tired of me breaking our hand operated can openers. I swear they don't make them very durable nowadays. We did some research, and this was one of the least expensive and highly recommended openers out there. We have had ours for about a week, and it has been heaven. It can open everything from a small sauce can to a #10 storage can. I runs very smoothly, holds the can securely, and isn't too noisy. We love it. No more hand crank models for me. Performance It works great. Believe the positive reviews. Design It is fairly stylish and futuristic looking.




Nice to look at. Difficult to use.


This can opener is way too hard to use for most people. It does a fine job once you properly connect the can, but it can be tricky to get used to. Performance This opener works. I have not had issues with its performance. Durability For a very lightweight appliance, it seems fairly durable. I have had no trouble with it in that regard. Design The OUTWARD design is lovely, but the way this can opener connects with the can is very flawed in design. Family members have difficulty using the can opener and often have to come to me for assistance. It is awkwardly designed.


Hawthorn Woods, IL


best can opener


I purchased the west bend electric can opener several years ago because I wanted a can opener that could open tall cans and this model fits the bill. It was very reasonalby priced and works really well. When I put the can under the holder and press down, the can opener holds than can very tight and opens it very smoothly. I have had several different can openers throughout the years and have to say that this is the best can opener by far. I love that it is tall and can handle any size can which is very important to me because I have a large family and open cans all the time. It works very consistently and I have had no problems with it. It is very nice looking and plugs into the wall with a cord that is long enough to reach but not so long as to be ugly. I would highly recommend the west bend electric can opener to anyone who opens a lot of cans and needs a very affordable, dependable can opener


Roseville, CA


This West Bend Electric Can Opener is a beautiful


I have been looking for a couple of years for the perfect electic can opener to replace my junker that I have had for a couple of decades, and the West Bend electric can opener has met all my expectations. It is truly beautiful and fluid in its functions. It really surprised me how large it is which makes it perfect for opening larger cans, but the most surprising element is how attractive the West Bend metalic electric can opener is sitting on my kitchen countertop. It goes perfectly with stainless steel appliances. The flip top magnet catches the can and holds it in place while pushing a button to provide the perfect cut everytime. I realize this should not be a big deal, but after using a clunker electric can opener for two decades it makes me excited about such a work of art available in electric can openers. The great thing is the price of this product makes it a great value, and it is well worth the change from an inferior product. I highly recommend this West Bend electric can opener for its state of the art beauty, and its great performance.


Sparta, TN


West Bend Can Opener -Decent buy


We just replaced our old can opener with this West Bend silver tone can opener.  I like that you can open really tall cans with it very easily but with the lid came off with safe edges like our old Black & Decker can opener did.  We've only had it for a month or two and haven't had to use it too often as most things like soups and such come with a pop top now.  It looks great in our new stainless kitchen.  I don't feel the need to store it out of sight like I considered with some of the options when we were looking for a replacement for the old one.  It's very light so I tend to hold onto the whole thing when opening a larger can as I'm afraid the whole thing might tip over.  It's easily cleaner by simply wiping it down with a damp cloth.  It runs quietly compared to most can openers, my dogs don't come running every time they hear it like they've done with some!  That's a pretty big plus in my book!


North East, MD


West Bend Electric Can Opener

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