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West Bend
West Bend 3-Quart Oval Crockery Cooker

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Help with lid or top.


I have a west bend crockery cooker 3 quart model numbers 84343 and I need a Lid top can you help me please.


Brooklyn new york


A West Bend product but would like it to be stain resistant


It cooks well, only problem is the crock will not wash clean, It has a pink brown stain and it will not come out no matter what you use to clean it with. This is a manufacture problem I am sure of. It is called "The Crockery cooker" model 84343 date code 0403 West Bend made in China. Has anyone else had this problem.


Paso Robles California


A Must Have for Soup!


This is a must have for Christmas parties, family get togethers, or even selling soup on a cold winter day! We recently used this crock pot to keep some soup warm during a big lunch party. There is nothing better than just putting some soup in this crock pot, putting it to the "high" setting, and letting your soup warm itself! (With the help of electricity of course!) This crock pot is a highly affordable, rather large (at least for us) crock pot and can hold a lot of soup or whatever you want to put in it. You can also use this crock pot to keep your creamy cheese dip warm, melt some cheese for a cheese dip, or anything. We do not do any cooking or preparing food with this crock pot but we cook the food separately and put it in the crock pot to stay warm or hot. I highly recommend this very affordable crock pot to anyone that is looking for a high quality crock pot for any of your baking needs!




The West Bend is my go-to slow cooker


Because I used to run an informal kitchen, I actually own 5 crockpots. This is my go-to one that stays up in my kitchen, while the others are down in my basement unless I'm entertaining and been multiples. This one has had the most reliable thermostat of all the ones I own, which is the main reason I use it regularly. Also, some crockpots have noisy rattling lids. This one doesn't rattle around and make me crazy. I've used it for the usual soups and stews, but also for more adventurous crockpot experiments like lasagna. The one feature I wish it had is a way to secure the lid and a real seal around it so it can travel to potlucks without making a mess in the car. If you plan on taking it on road trips, a different model might make more sense. If you are only buying it to use at home though, this will be a dependable workhorse for you. When I was running a kitchen I used it M-F religiously, and now 10 years later it still works fine for me.


Sterling Heights, MI


perfect size for 2 people


We just bought this cooker because our old one was too large for just the 2 of us. This one is the ideal size. So far, it's worked great for stews, soups, meats, and casseroles. The price is nice, too. Overall, I like everything about this cooker. The size also makes it much easier to store. Durability no problems so far


Medon, TN


I love my West Bend 3-Quart Slow Cooker


When our last son went away to school, my husband and I looked for a slow cooker that was smaller and better suited to an "empty nest" home. We no longer needed to make large meals. My six quart slow cooker is too big for just the two of us! I use my slow cooker at least once a week since I am often away from home during the day. I also do alot of traveling and I like to have a meal ready for my husband when he gets home from work. We bought the West Bend 3-quart slow cooker 84343. I have found that it is sufficient to make a meal for my husband and I. It is just the right size! I would be glad to recommend this model to anyone. The slow cooker is just large enough to make a meal that is 2-3 servings. I can make a 3 pound pot roast with potatoes and carrots. I do not have to deal with alot of left-overs. I also like that the removable crock fits very easily in my dishwasher without taking up a great deal of room.


Saint Marys, PA


West Bend 3-Quart Slow Cooker is pretty basic


The West Bend 3-Quart Slow Cooker is a pretty basic slow-cooker. Though I rarely have need of a slow cooker, sometimes time constraints or recipes call for one, and in those cases a slow cooker is an impressive and effective kitchen appliance. The West Bend is fairly small at 3 quarts, and if were to go back in time I would buy a slightly larger size, as doing more for less is my style in the kitchen. The cover seems to be a nice glass rather then plastic that you might find on low-end model. This cooker has three settings which could be either primitive or simple, depending on your perspective. Really a slow cooker just needs to cook slowly. Nuance isn't really needed, and more features just drives up the cost. A timer that switches to "warm" when the item is done would be good, but it is generally difficult to overcook something in a slow cooker. For the price the West Bend slow cooker is a fine choice for the amateur slow-cooking cook.


North Adams, MA


Simple, get the job done.


Bottom line, it does what it needs to do in a simple way. I can not go into "wow this product is awesome" mode because it is so simple, and there are much more high tech slow cookers out there to be had and used. BUT, for me and my cooking, it has been great and gets the job done. I received it as a wedding present four years ago, slightly annoyed because it was not on my registry. Four years later, besides every day dishes and pots, this is one of the most used items that I received. As my family is growing, and time is harder and harder to find, I am LOVING my west bend crock pot. I have used it for soups, pulled pork, pulled chicken, chicken stir fry, beef stew. The list is growing, and all of them have turned out wonderful! I have put in smaller amounts for my family or filled it all the way up to feed a house full of guests. The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is that I do wish that it had a timer of sorts. There are days I have to be gone all day and I would like to press the "low, 6 hour button" but that doesn't exist. Nonetheless, the options of low and high have worked out just fine.


Urbana, IL


West Bend 3-Quart Oval-Shaped Crockery Cooker (84343)


West Bend 3 Quart Oval-Shaped Crockery Cooker is the best way to have a hot prepared meal ready and waiting for me whenever I come home. There are 3 parts of the cockery cooker. The lid which is glass. The ceramic crock where you put the food. The cooking mechanism where you place the ceramic cooker and has the settings to cook food. Because the lid and the ceramic crock are removable, both can be submerged in water and come clean with hot water an the soap. The outside of the cooker can be wiped down with a damp sponge or paper towel. I like the white color of the appliance because the color white never goes out of style and matches any kitchen decor or table setting. You can take the crock right out of the cooker (use oven mits, it gets very hot) and place on a trivet on the table or use it to serve buffet style. The oval size allows me to cook a whole chicken breast side up. All I have to do is place the cleaned chicken in the cooker and add a store bought glaze, such as teryaki, and I can have a home made meal without any fuss. Perfect fo men who do not want to cook but still want a hot meal waiting. Of course, you can be more exotic and my wife has adapted almost every recipe to be prepared in the West Bend Crockery Cooker. However, you must make certain that there is sufficient liquid at the bottom, water, broth or a glzae, or the meal will stick to the cooker. Just beacuse you can just throw food items in the cooker, please do not mistake this or get the false impression that there is no preparation involved. Aside from the chicken I previously mentioned, most items need to be chopped, sliced or diced and some care must be taken to get equal size pieces for the best results. Also, you can not forgo the process of braising meat on the stovetop but you can cook the braised meat in the slow cooker. The slow cooker lends itself best when the vegetables, i.e. potatoes, carrots, etc, are placed on the bottom and the meat on top. There are numerous cookbooks and web sites dealing with slow cooker techniques that my wife and I became an experts in no time. Aside from cooking everything from breakfasts to quiche, chicken to meats, soups to stews, the best part of the cooker is that it allows you two big conveniences over the stove top. Convenience one: the meal is ready when you are. We have the luxury to stay away longer because when we come home the cooker has cooked the meal and all we have to do is eat it. We do not have to come home and prepare it. Nothing is better than a hot meal waiting for you and it is quite liberating especially when time is running against you. Also, you do not need to grab fast food because you are too tired and/or hungry to cook. Convenience two: If we come home at different times we can eat when we want on our schedule. This is really convenient if someone needs to work late. There is only downside of the West Bend 3 Quart Oval Shaped Crokery Cooker. There is no timer so you must turn it on before you leave the house. Also, because there is no timer, you can not have it set to come on at a certain time. Neither of these items are an issue. Here is why- there are only 2 settings high and low. High is perfect for cooking quicker and low is perfect to keep things warm or to use to reheat leftovers. We found that you can cook most meals on the low setting in 8 hours or on the high setting for 4 hours. So depending how long you will be gone and when you want your meal ready youcan pick accordingly. Also, it has been my experience that the more different gadgets an tem has, the more chance for something to go wrong with it. The West Bend 3 Quart Oval Shaped Crockery Cooker is a nice size to store and fits well in a kitchen cabinet. It is perfect for one person or a family of four. You can use it as a serving piece with a trive underneath or use it to serve buffet. It really holds the moisture in so food is never dried out from overcooking. While it does get hot to the touch, it does not heat up the house like oven cooking does.


Henderson, NV


Fantastic slow cooker; makes dinner a no-brainer!


When I got married recently, I already had the traditional crock pot brand that most people own.  I enjoyed using it, although it did take all day (i.e. while I was at work) to cook something I'd throw together.  No biggie though, and I enjoyed coming home to a tasty meal I didn't even have to cook. My new husband had this product instead (the West Bend Crockery oval slow cooker) so I decided before I gave one away I'd try it to see how I liked it.  Wow!  I threw together my famous broccoli/cheese/rice casserole and even on the low setting, it was ready in just four hours (versus 6-8 with my other brand of crock pot).  I thought this had to be a fluke, but every time I've made it, same result:  it's ready in only four hours. The only complaint I have is that underneath, it does get quite hot so I would recommend using hot plates or oven mitts underneath the product as it cooks so your counter or cooking surface isn't hurt. Love this product, though, and you know which one I'll be getting rid of now (my old one)!


Spartanburg, SC


West Bend 3-Quart Oval Crockery Cooker

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