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West Bend
West Bend 3-Qt. Nonstick Fondue Pot

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Cool but a bit messy


I have purchased and do own this West Bend Three Quart Nonstick Fondue Pot in the color of red and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Besides it being a little messy which is why I gave it a four it is really a cool product and everyone who has tried it at my house really likes it. It is not everyday that people get to eat fondue. This fondue pot is definitely a conversation piece. This West End Three Quart Nonstick Fondue Pot is very reasonably priced so there is no reason you could not afford it. If you want one you can easily come up with the money. This product is a little messy and the clean up is a little hard but it is worth it to have friends over for fondue and to talk and hang out. I would certainly recommend the Nonstick Fondue Pot to all of my friends and family and to anyone else who is interested in things that not everybody has. You will really love this fondue pot. It is also durable and long lasting.



West Bend 3-Qt. Nonstick Fondue Pot

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