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West Bend
West Bend 2.5 Ounce Theater Popper


Stainless steel heating kettle with motorized stir rod pops up to 2.5 oz. of corn, kettle disassembles for easy dishwasher clean up, the fully assembled cabinet is made of easy to clean plastic that is resistant to oils and greases, cabinet holds upt to 1.5 gallons of popcorn, cabinet light has an on/off switch, popcorn tray is easily removed through the hinged front door, 300 watts

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Good for movie nights at home


This is so easy to use. I love it. Especially for at home movie nights

Philly, PA


So nostaligic and easy to use.


As much as I would love to give this West Bend Stir Crazy 2.5oz Theater Popper a 10, there are some drawbacks to it. Don't get me wrong, it pops corn wonderfully! No standing there shaking the pan. You just pour in the oil and the corn, close the lid on the popper, shut the door on the front and push the on button. That's all there is to it. Within minutes you have hot fresh theatre tasting popcorn. Now, I've never found a popper or a oil or popcorn that really mimics theater popcorn taste, but this is very close and if you have children in the home, it's a fun little machine to use. My lower ratings are due to the taking it apart to clean it. It's a bear to get apart because there just isn't much room to get your hand in there to disconnect it and once you do get it apart, it's really hard to clean inside the little steel pan. You cannot submerge it, you have to wipe it out by hand. The only parts that can be placed in a dishwasher or sink in sudsy water is the square dish that holds the popped corn, the cups to measure the oil and corn and the front door which slides off it's hinges for cleaning. The actual pan that the corn pops in cannot be submerged! Another complaint I have is the dish that the corn is suppose to fall into for serving. It doesn't fit well inside and most of the popcorn pops out all around the edges. I've even taken it completely out and just let the corn fall on the bottom and scooped it out with a scoop to put it in a bowl. I have experimented with adding a little more corn than it says to use and it pops it all right up very nicely. You just don't want to overdo it too much. I find if I listen to it, like I do with microwave corn, and shut it off when it stops popping, I have very few unpopped kernels. All in all, I really enjoy my little West Bend Theater Popcorn machine and I have no regrets buying it.



West Bend 2.5 Ounce Theater Popper

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