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Weslo Pursuit 350 Stationary Bike

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Nice price


I bought this bike to use while watching tv and using the iPad. The seat it hard. I mean really hard. But it depends on your body structure. My kids find the seat fine for their use. They will ride the bike for more than 30 minutes at a time. If I am riding for longer than 30 minutes then I will have to sit on pillows to feel better. The sit does adjust pretty easily. The bike is very sturdy and is quite heavy to me. So if you want to carry it upstairs you will needs at least two people. My teenage son assembled the bike with no problems. The tension is fine and it's just your standard bike almost old school. I never use the digital display. I used to use it until my rechargeable batteries got stuck inside and tore off the cover to the batteries. I bought this bike a while ago and I still ride it as does the family. I guess the seat is now broken in because I am now able to sit on the bike for more than an hour without any pain.



The Weslo Stationary Bike is good


The Weslo Pursuit 350 Stationary Bike is a nice exercise bike. I really have no complaints with this bike as it has served the purpose thoroughly for which it was purchased. I was not really familiar with the Weslo name and Decided to give it a try after my father had owned a previous Weslo product and told me that the name was a good one and can be trusted. I finally decided to listen to him and give it a try and so far I have not been disappointed at all. This Weslo Stationary Bike really seems durable and sturdy. I love the fact that I can cycle away on this stationary bike and not have to worry if it will break down or not. My previous stationary bike was a real disappointment in that I had to ensure that I do not overuse it as it was a bit weak and did not seem as durable. I was so disappointed when I came home one day and saw that my old exercise bike had stopped working after only a short time. I now own this Weslo bike and I love it.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Weslo machine is good, but the seat is terribly uncomfortable.


I bought the Weslo Pursuit 350 used on craiglist for a great price. I had read mixed reviews on it, but decided to buy it anyways. I love the actual machine. It has 8 resistance levels so you can change up your workout. I ride about 20 miles on it, 6 days a week and get an awesome workout. The only problem I've had with it is that the cable that connects to the magnetic resistance became disconnected and my husband had to take the side apart to fix it. It's an easy fix for a handy person. My husband had it fixed in 15 minutes. The only thing I absolutely can't stand about it is the seat. It is so incredibly uncomfortable and narrow that I had to buy a new padded bike seat at Sports Authority and have my husband weld it to the other seat base. Unless you know someone that could connect a new seat for you, I wouldn't recommend this machine. I couldn't ride for 30 seconds on the old seat.

Boca Raton, FL


Weslo Pursuit 350 Stationary Bike

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