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Weslo Momentum 635 Elliptical

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Cheaply Made


This eliptical is solid for the price but if your used to the elipticals at the gym this will be a wake up call. this eliptical is cheaply made and it isnt verry sturdy. when your walking on it, it makes the most horrid screetching sound and it sways as you walk. it says it has workout plan options but it really doesnt, they are used friendly, they arnt that hard either. If your into physical fitness i would spend the few extra hundred dolars and get the type at the gym because it will last way longer. but if your just looking for the weekend jog this will prbably do good for you, just not for the hardcore runner. Also dont expect to go verry fast on this because as you go faster the queek get louder and it will annoy the HECK out of you and also it feels like the machine is going to tip over sometimes. overall this is an ok machine but i would not recomend buying it, just spend the extra money.

Salem, OR


weslo momenten 635,for a solid indoor cardio workout.


as an avid outdoor runner liveing in an area where the winter season turns prohibitively cold, i needed a simple indoor machine to keep my cardio up to par during what would otherwise be my downtime. the weslo momentem 635 met both my aerobic and financial needs.as a renter i had no room for a cobersom treadmill,and as a bodybuilder and blue coller worker i had no interest in a complex computer littered 'high end"machine. i wanted good workout for a reasonable price ,that i could simply turn on and go.this model provides the ability to simply use first thing in the morning,but options to keep it interesting even after youve had it a long time.the four pre settings give you the option to mix it up to keep youre work outs from becomeinng stale,while the size and price tag keep you from resenting youre investment. overall,if youre looking for home cardio i recomend this simple,solid efficiant machine.

Canton, OH


Weslo Momentum 635 Elliptical

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